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Bandpass Filters Screen 7 To 17 GHz

Marki Microwave announced a line of surface-mount bandpass filters for applications from 7 to 17 GHz. Based on the firm's successful connectorized (and larger) bandpass filters, the new family includes the model FB-1300SM with a center frequency of 13 GHz and passband of 12 to 14 GHz. The passband insertion loss is typically only 2 dB at 13 GHz, with return loss of typically 15 dB from 12 to 14 GHz. Typical lower-stopband suppression is 50 dB at 8.0 GHz and 35 dB at 9.45 GHz, with typical upper-stopband suppression of 50 dB at 17.2 GHz and 35 dB at 16.2 GHz. The 50-Ohm filter, which measures just 1.000 x 0.320 x 0.100 in., is rated for 1 W RF power.

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