Molex Debuts Next-Gen Antenna Technology

April 6, 2012

Traditional passive antenna structures are based on meandered antenna patterns. Unfortunately, said patterns are saddled with limitations on manufacturing tolerances and mechanical properties. With its next-generation MobliquA™ antenna technology, Molex hopes to circumvent those issues.

Intended for portable electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, and laptops, the MobliquA technology offers a multi-use platform supporting both single and dual feed RF architectures within the same antenna structure. The dual feed configuration can provide at least 20-dB isolation between the input ports, all the while maintaining its bandwidth-enhancing features. The good isolation and bandwidth simplifies optimization of antenna impedances to match different RF engines, thus reducing current consumption and improving power transfer efficiency.

The MobliquA technology provides a high degree of immunity toward insertion of metal objects into the antenna volume. Additionally, it enables utilization of RF decoupled or grounded parts as an integrated component of the antenna system. The technology also provides notable electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection of the front end, owing to a combination of its unique feeding techniques and a direct grounding of the antenna elements.