Fresh Starts

Jan. 25, 2012
SemiGenHas announced the opening of a new RF Supply Center. As of January 3, the company has begun accepting orders for epoxies, bonding tools, gold wire, and other supplies used in the manufacture and test of microwave modules and components. The center ...

SemiGenHas announced the opening of a new RF Supply Center. As of January 3, the company has begun accepting orders for epoxies, bonding tools, gold wire, and other supplies used in the manufacture and test of microwave modules and components. The center is located adjacent to SemiGen's manufacturing center. No minimum order is required.

Cox CommunicationsHas entered into an agreement to sell its 20-MHz Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum licenses, which cover 28 million POPs, to Verizon Wireless. The sale price is $315 million. Separately, Cox and Verizon Wireless also will become agents to sell each other's residential and commercial products and services through their respective sales channels.

AT4 wirelessHas been authorized by CTIAThe Wireless Association to conduct testing on version 3.1 of its Over The Air (OTA) RF Performance Test Plan. The new version went into effect on December 15, 2011.

A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics (IME)MEMS technology developed by the institute has been used in the fabrication of silicon optic devices for LinkStar Microtronics Pte. Ltd., an IME spinoff. The pilot shipment has been qualified by LinkStar's customers for mass production.

Mouser ElectronicsHas launched a new Product Knowledge Center (PKC) training site on covering sensor technology. The new site features video, selection guides, white papers, application notes, product brochures, and data sheets in addition to measurement and calibration resources.

AMETEKHas acquired the parent company of EM Test GmbH, a privately held manufacturer of electronic test and measurement equipment headquartered in Reinach, Switzerland. The purchase price was CHF 83 million ($93 million).

Rochester Electronics and BAE SystemsHave launched a business alliance that has added more than 250,000 solutions for mature, end-of-life semiconductors used in military and aerospace applications. Developed from Rochester's wafer and die bank inventory, the re-created semiconductor devices are manufactured with the authorization of the original semiconductor manufacturer.

DragonWaveHas completed the required consultation process with Italian trade union representatives for the planned acquisition of Nokia Siemens Networks' microwave transport business. Subject to the fulfillment of remaining closing conditions, the two companies plan to close the transaction in the first quarter of this year.

AnritsuIs now offering an Introduction to Spectrum Analysis eLearning course at Six 45-minute modules are offered. Each is narrated and includes video demonstrations on how to conduct specific spectrum-analysis measurements.

Digi-Key and Aspen LabsHave produced an online schematic drawing tool, Scheme-it. The offering runs natively in all major browsers and does not require the use of plug-ins. Users must be registered at to save designs on Scheme-it.

PCTEST Engineering LaboratoryHas been approved as an E-UTRA accredited laboratory by the PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB).

CreeHas signed a nonexclusive worldwide license agreement with RFHIC Corp., which provides access to Cree's Doherty-amplifier-related patents. The Doherty architecture can serve as the foundation for advanced 4G base stations.

ip.accessHas closed a new round of funding, raising $15 million from its current investors and one new backer. The capital will be used to accelerate the company's small-cell product-development roadmap and deployment activities.

CTS and Valpey-FisherHave entered into a definitive merger agreement, providing for the cash acquisition of Valpey-Fisher by CTS. Upon closing of the transaction, Valpey-Fisher will operate as an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of CTS. Pursuant to its terms, CTS will acquire 100% of the issued and outstanding equity of Valpey-Fisher for $4.15 per share in cash. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and approval of Valpey-Fisher's stockholders.

RFMWHas been granted registration to ISO 9001:2008 standard by the International Standards Authority.

Altair Semiconductor and Rohde & SchwarzHave collaborated on a newly released production line tool. The new offering enables testing of LTE terminals built on Altair's FourGee chipsets.

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