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Aug. 19, 2010
CONTRACTSLantronixIs working with STARA Technologies to wirelessly network its automated guidance unit, Mosquito. The precision-guided aerial delivery system brings food and supplies to troops on the battlefield from a remote distance, keeping ...

LantronixIs working with STARA Technologies to wirelessly network its automated guidance unit, Mosquito. The precision-guided aerial delivery system brings food and supplies to troops on the battlefield from a remote distance, keeping helicopters and planes a safe distance from the enemy. Lantronix's WiPort module enables STARA to remotely access and manage the system over a wireless network to configure target coordinates, remotely transmit telemetry data, and deliver diagnostic data after the mission. Mosquito is the only delivery system light enough to be delivered from manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Iridium Communications, Inc.Has entered into two longterm agreements with the Boeing Company that redefine the relationship between the companies for maintenance, operations, and support of Iridium's satellite network. The first agreement transforms an agreement that Iridium and Boeing have had in place for the last 10 years. Essentially, Boeing will continue operating Iridium's current satellite constellation and will provide support for Iridium's satellite control system (SCS). Iridium will receive significant cost savings and benefit from the release of more than $15 million in restricted cash required under the prior agreement. The second agreement is a new support services contract under which Boeing will become the exclusive operations and maintenance provider for Iridium's next-generation constellation, Iridium NEXT.

Giga-tronics, Inc.Has announced that more than 100 of Giga-tronics 8000 series RF Switch Interface Units (RFIUs) are being supplied to contract manufacturers in Asia. The units are being used to increase throughput and improve test asset utilization in mobile phone and other wireless device production. The 8000 series RFIU is produced by Giga-tronics under the ASCOR brand.

Nokia Siemens NetworksHas jointly entered into an agreement with Motorola, Inc. under which Nokia Siemens Networks will acquire the majority of Motorola's wireless network infrastructure assets for $1.2 billion in cash. With this acquisition, Nokia Siemens Networks expects to gain incumbent relationships with more than 50 operators. It also hopes to strengthen its position with China Mobile, Clearwire, KDDI, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and Vodafone. Motorola retains the iDEN business, substantially all of the patents related to its wireless-network infrastructure business, and other selected assets.

Harris Corp.Has celebrated the 50th anniversary of its RF Communications Division. RF Communications was launched by Bill Stolze, Elmer Schwittek, Roger Bettin, and Herbert VandenBrul in 1960 to provide long-range, two-way radio communications to government markets. The founders spent six months developing their initial radio products in Rochester, NY before opening the first official RF Communications offices on Merchants Road in Rochester. Two years later, the fledgling firm moved to 1680 University Avenue in Rochester, which remains a headquarters for administrative and engineering staff. RF Communications was acquired by Harris in 1969. Since that time, Harris RF Communications has grown into a $2 billion business.

Anatech ElectronicsHas launched two web sites: (for custom products) and (web store for online purchases). Both sites provide technical information for designers while simplifying the process of specifying the company's array of RF and microwave filters and other products. The site offers hundreds of standard products that are available from stock in a short time. It also allows visitors to purchase products using major credit cards. Both sites provide technical documents including specifiers'guides and tutorials and the Technical Reference Workbook interactive tool.

Teledyne Technologies, Inc.Has acquired Labtech Microwave as part of the acquisition of Intelek plc. Labtech Microwave Packaging Group, which was founded in 1984 and located in Presteigne, UK, specializes in the design and manufacture of custom packaging solutions using low-cost organic materials for monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), multichip module (MCMs), and printed-circuit-board (PCB) applications.

ZigBee AllianceHas announced that LG and Toshiba have joined the ZigBee RF4CE Steering Committee. That committee is focused on driving ZigBee RF4CE standardized solutions throughout the consumer-electronics industry. LG Electronics and Toshiba join Philips, Freescale Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Samsung, and Sony on the steering committee.

ON Semiconductor Corp.Has signed a definitive purchase agreement for the acquisition of SANYO Semiconductor Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of SANYO Electric, and other assets related to SANYO Electric's semiconductor business. This acquisition will be done in a cash and stock transaction with a purchase price of approximately $366 million. Based on the most recently completed quarter, SANYO Semiconductor's annualized revenue was approximately $1.2 billion.

NXP SemiconductorsHas introduced the NXP iPhone application, which provides access to NXP products and support. This free application allows engineers to search, buy, and share more than 10,000 product parts from NXP's High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Products portfolio anytime, anywhere on their Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

AR Modular RFHas announced an agreement by which CommTech Sales will represent AR Modular RF throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

TRaCHas announced a major expansion of its operations in northwest England with a 15,000-square-foot center of excellence in Up Holland, Lancashire. The new facility strengthens the company's presence in the North, complementing the existing Hull facility that is the largest in the North East.

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