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Oct. 14, 2010
CONTRACTSW. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.Has entered into a strategic partnership with A.E. Petsche Company to provide GORE FireWire cable products for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) F-35 Lightning program, the Department of Defense's (DoD's) ...

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.Has entered into a strategic partnership with A.E. Petsche Company to provide GORE FireWire cable products for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) F-35 Lightning program, the Department of Defense's (DoD's) next-generation strike aircraft system for the Navy, Air Force, and Marines. A.E. Petsche will manage the requirements of all program partners to ensure optimum stocking levels and timely distribution.

Globalstar, Inc.Has taken delivery of three additional second-generation satellites from Thales Alenia Space. The satellites are being shipped to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, where they will join the three satellites that were delivered in August. By integrating 24 new secondgeneration satellites with the eight first-generation satellites that were launched in 2007, the company plans to form a 32-satellite constellation.

AR Modular RFHas announced a contract award valued at $1.4 million to supply its tactical amplifiers to the US Navy. The contract is part of a larger bulk purchase agreement (BPA) that was awarded to the company earlier this year. That BPA is valued at $5 million and spans a period of five years.

Atlantic Microwave Ltd.Has successfully licensed RF amplifier technology from Isis Innovation. The amplifier was designed and developed by the astrophysics team at Oxford University. Commercial sales and design-ins of the amplifier have already begun.

TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.Has released its 150-mm galliumarsenide (GaAs) commercial foundry process, TQP15, to full production. TQP15 is targeted at the Ka-band segment and is designed for building millimeter-wave monolithicmicrowave integrated circuits (MMICs). Manufactured in TriQuint's high-volume GaAs fabrication facility in Hillsboro, OR, TQP15 is the latest offering in TriQuint's pseudomorphic-high-electron-mobility-transistor (pHEMT) process portfolio.

ip.accessHas signed a femtocell technology-development agreement with QUALCOMM, Inc. The development agreement allows ip.access to develop WCDMA residential and enterprise femtocell products using QUALCOMM's Femtocell Station Modem (FSM) chipset platform. ip.access also has secured a dedicated R&D center in India in partnership with Quickstart Global. Based at the Quickstart Global center in Pune, the ip.access facility is expected to grow to 40 R&D engineers by the end of this year.

Mimix AsiaHas changed its name to M/A-COM Tech Asia as part of a recent merger that added Mimix Broadband, Inc. and its subsidiaries to the M/A-COM Technology Solutions family of companies. M/A-COM Tech Asia is focused on the design and manufacture of products that address the microwave and millimeter-wave application requirements of its global customers. Located in Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park, the M/A-COM Tech Asia facility is ISO 9001-registered. M/A-COM Tech Asia also has an ISO 9001-registered design center in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

MITEQ, Inc.Has announced the appointment of Test Midwest LLC as its exclusive sales representative in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Test Midwest LLC will represent MITEQ's Component division of products.

Ceragon Networks Ltd.Has acquired all of the shares of privately held Elxys Innovations of Athens, Greece. Elxys is a designer of next-generation RF integrated circuits (RFICs).

Fox ElectronicsHas announced the relocation and expansion of its Asia headquarters in Hong Kong. Fox Electronics Asia also has expanded engineering, sales support, and logistics support to better serve its Asian customers. The new Fox Electronics Asia Ltd. office is located at 21/F, Cheong Sun Tower 118 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

RLC ElectronicsHas announced its revamped web site at, which includes new search capability and a downloadable filter-selector software and performance program.

ON SemiconductorPlans to expand production capacity at its 6-in. (150-mm) wafer manufacturing facility in Oudenaarde, Belgium, by approximately 40 percent. This year, the firm will make a total equipment investment of $15.78 million. The Belgium factory specializes in the manufacture of application-specific high-voltage technologies for the automotive and industrial industry.

Universal Electronics, Inc. (UEI)Has opened its newest facility in East Troy, WI. The East Troy plant, known as UEI II, replaces the company's former Mukwonago, WI facility and complements its main plant in Whitewater, WI. UEI II offers rapid prototyping, experienced program management, and quick integration for volume manufacturing.

East Coast MicrowaveIs moving to an expanded facility at 70 Tower Office Park, Woburn, MA, 01801. The phone numbers remain the same at 1-800-STOCKROOM (786-2576) or (781) 279-0900, FAX: (781) 279-9034, Internet:

TriQuintHas named VIPER RF as a design resource. VIPER RF will offer design support and specialized RF expertise to help customers develop chips using TriQuint's process technologies and design tools.

STMHas announced the formal launch of its Government Division. The division will focus on bringing state-of-the-art, open-standards-based technologies to the US Government. It also will help the military and federal agencies to better capitalize on the DVB-RCS technology.

The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)Has opened a field office in Aberdeen, MD. This move expands the capabilities and customer service that GTRI can offer to the US Army Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), the Army's Fort Meade, and other regional GTRI customers.

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