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Nov. 12, 2007
Contracts Elcom Technologies, Inc.-Announced the receipt of a new contract in excess of $4 million from a major United States military contractor, for high-performance VME-based synthesized RF source and synthesized broadband downconverter. ...


Elcom Technologies, Inc.-Announced the receipt of a new contract in excess of $4 million from a major United States military contractor, for high-performance VME-based synthesized RF source and synthesized broadband downconverter. These integrated microwave subsystems are used in support of critical military ATE applications. This recurring contract will require support through 2009.

RT Logic-Announced a contract award by Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc. (HTSI), for the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) K-Band Upgrade Project (TKUP).

Honeywell is the prime contractor working on NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Near Earth Networks Services (NENS) contract. For the TKUP effort, RT Logic will demonstrate their Telemetrix 1200HDR (T1200HDR) high-data-rate receiver and test modulator. NASA is replacing the current K-Band Single Access Return (KSAR) highrate equipment with modems that extend the data rates to up to 1.5 Gb/s and implement high-performance error-correcting codes, such as Low Density Parity Checking (LDPC) and Turbo Product Code (TPC). A demonstration of the receiver technology is scheduled for January 2008.

Harris Corp.-Has received a $104 million order from the US Army for high-frequency (HF) radio systems. Under the agreement, Harris will provide the Army with Harris Falcon ® II AN/PRC-150(C) HF radios and related accessories, as well as installation services and training.

The Falcon family offers features such as embedded encryption for information security, extended frequency range, adaptability to new waveforms, and battlefield networking. The Falcon II AN/PRC-152(C) is the first and only JTRS-approved radio to be certified as fully compliant with version 2.2 of the JTRS Software Communications Architecture. The Falcon family includes radios in all form factors: handheld, manpack, vehicular, and personal radio.

Fresh Starts

Hittite Microwave Corp.-Announced that it has entered into a strategic agreement with Northrop Grumman to license Northrop Grumman’s Velocium line of monolithicmicrowave- integrated-circuit (MMIC) products and related intellectual property. Under the agreement, Northrop Grumman’s Space Technology sector will license to Hittite a specified list of standard products and associated technology. Hittite will assume the related customer contracts and will become the worldwide supplier for the Velocium products.

The agreement expands Hittite’s high-frequency product line and enhances Hittite’s supply chain. The license includes commercial products that operate at frequencies through 86 GHz. These products are typically used in millimeter-wave radios and other high-performance electronic systems.

Jasper Wireless and Telit Wireless Solutions-Announced a partnership agreement.

The agreement covers joint marketing efforts targeted to application integrators, service partners, and OEM customers seeking simple, profitable methods to expand their businesses globally. In addition, Jasper Wireless has already certified 10 of Telit’s cellular-communications modules for use on the Jasper Wireless network.

Elcoteq SE-Has become the global manufacturing partner for Telsima, a developer of WiMAX-based broadband-wireless- access (BWA) and DCME voice-compression solutions. Elcoteq has started volume manufacturing of Telsima WiMAX CPEs StarMAX 2100 series at its facility in Bangalore, India. Elcoteq provides boxbuild manufacturing for WiMAX CPEs including new product introduction (NPI), sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and after-sales services.

The WiMAX Forum-Announced that it is pleased to recognize the decision of the Radiocommunication Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R) to include WiMAX technology in the IMT-2000 set of standards. This decision is of global importance to operators who look to ITU to endorse technologies before they invest in new infrastructure. The decision to approve the WiMAX Forum’s version of IEEE Standard 802.16 as an IMT-2000 technology significantly escalates opportunities for global deployment, especially within the 2.5-to-2.69-GHz band, to deliver Mobile Internet to satisfy both rural and urban market demand.

LitePoint Corp.-Will be doubling its Silicon Valley facilities area.

The new facility adjoins the current one and is expected to be ready for move-in by mid-December.

LitePoint focuses entirely on the wireless market serving IC makers, original design makers (ODMs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and brand-owning companies. Its common-platform systems, using software-defined DSP technology, offer tailored and efficient testing that spans the wireless value chain.

Nextreme-Is relocating and expanding its North American corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility within Research Triangle Park, NC. Increasing Nextreme’s production capacity, the 14,000-sq.-ft., state-of-the-art facility includes semiconductor grade clean rooms and an advanced application laboratory to better serve customer needs as

Nextreme enters product qualification, pilot production, and ultimately volume production.

Nextreme’s new facility is located at 3908 Patriot Dr., Durham, NC 27703. Nextreme expects to complete the move by the end of December 2007.

Applied Wave Research, Inc.-Announced record sales and profits for the first half of its fiscal year, which ended September 30, 2007. Sales revenues for the first six months increased nearly 30 percent over the prior year, and more important, resulted in record profits for the fiscal second quarter (Q2). Achievements driving AWR’s performance include consistent growth across all products lines, and the addition of strategic new customer accounts, primarily in the Asia Pacific region. Significant AWR customers include Alcatel-Lucent, LG Electronics, and Flextronics.

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