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June 13, 2008
CONTRACTS Hughes Network Systems, LLCSigned an agreement with Globalstar, Inc. under which Hughes will design, manufacture, and implement the next-generation Radio Access Network (RAN) comprising gateway equipment at Globalstar's worldwide ...

Hughes Network Systems, LLC
Signed an agreement with Globalstar, Inc. under which Hughes will design, manufacture, and implement the next-generation Radio Access Network (RAN) comprising gateway equipment at Globalstar's worldwide locations with an option to expand to 30 locations. The company also will design, manufacture, and deliver satellite air-interface chips to be a part of the User Terminal Subsystem (UTS). The contract is valued at $100.8 million.
Trango Broadband Wireless
Awarded a five-year US General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70 contract, GS-35F- 0310U, for providing government agencies with information technology, telecommunications products, and professional services. Government customers can now access and order Trango products online through the GSA web sites. Among the available products will be point-to-point licensed and unlicensed microwave wireless backhaul equipment including the licensed TrangoLINK Giga; point-to-multipoint broadband-wireless-Internet-access solutions; wireless IP video-transmission equipment; and analog video and CCTV wireless-transmission systems.
Libya Telecom Technology (LTT)
Selected Alcatel-Lucent to deploy the first commercial WiMAX network based on the IEEE 802.16e-2005 WiMAX standard in Libya. LTT plans to launch commercial service in September. The network will support voice-over-IP and high-speed Internet access. In doing so, it will enable the delivery of advanced broadband multimedia services to a variety of end users. The network will accommodate stationary, nomadic, and mobile applications and complement fixed-based broadband services.
Awarded a $3.3 million contract to overcome thermal challenges in semiconductors designed for nextgeneration high-power radars and other electronic systems. The award is for the first of a three-phase Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Radio Frequency Thermal Ground Plane program that could be worth $8 million if all options are exercised. The program is designed to run 45 months ending in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Has opened a UK distribution center that will service all of the European communities. Accelonix Ltd., SEMPAC's sales agency located in Alton, Hampshire, England, will now handle all stock transactions up to 250 parts per order including test and prototype samples for customer evaluations. This center will stock Sempac's Open-Tooled package architectures and their corresponding ceramic lids.
Hittite Microwave
Launched a redesigned web site at www. New features include a web page design and a home page featuring new products, markets, press releases, and featured articles. The web site details full specifications for 640 products across 17 product lines. Web-site visitors can request the company's 2008 Designer's Guide and newsletter & CD on the literature request page.
UMC and Mentor GraphicsPartnered to offer a series of analog/mixed-signal and RF foundry design kits (FDKs). The FDKs, which contain building blocks for the transistor device level, help IC designers to jump-start design cycles on UMC's 0.13-m and 90-nm MM/RF process nodes. The FDKs include UMC Eldo simulation models, Calibre DRC, LVS and extraction technology files, schematic symbols, and programmable device generators for supporting schematicdriven layout and simulation along with a set of configuration files for customization.
Leader TechCelebrated the grand opening of its Global EMI Shielding Technology Center with local dignitaries, employees, customers, and guests. The expansion was prompted by a significant increase in domestic and international demand for the company's EMI Shielding products. The center is located at 12420 Race Track Road, Tampa, FL 33626.
Affirmed its commitment to the Middle East and North Africa markets with the opening of a branch office in Dubai. The office, located in the Dubai Internet City Free Trade Zone, will serve as a hub for QUALCOMM's regional business interests and will provide support for device manufacturers, network operators, and other industry participants that are driving the area's fast-growing mobilebroadband market.

The company also acquired 40 MHz (1452 to 1492 MHz) of L-band radio spectrum auctioned by UK communications regulator Ofcom at a cost of GPB 8,334,000. The L-band spectrum license covers the entire UK and is technology neutral.
Herley Industries
Will significantly downsize its manufacturing facility in Farmingdale, NY and transfer the bulk of its workload to other facilities in Whippany, NJ; Woburn, MA; Lancaster, PA; and Jerusalem, Israel. The Phoenix Company of Chicago, Inc.Launched a new web site at It features new products with a part-number search, product configurator, interactive map, and downloadable literature.
Z-Communications, Inc.Announced a new division named Z-Comm Microwave based in San Jose, CA. This division is chartered with the development and manufacture of integrated microwave, millimeter-wave assemblies, and highly linear power amplifiers. These products are designed to be used in wireless transmission systems, WiMAX base stations, licensed point to point, and other microwave radio applications.
Korea Telecom (KT)
Selected Tektronix Communications' GeoProbe Network Assurance solution to test the deployment of new call-related services. KT will use GeoProbe to proactively monitor, manage, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues before, during, and after the launch of new services over its intelligent network. GeoProbe's real-time and historical multiprotocol call trace and online analytical processing report features will give KT an end-to-end monitoring approach, allowing it to view multiple sessions in real time.

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