2010 Editorial Index

Dec. 20, 2010
COMMERCIAL An Interview With Jim McGillivary (Jan., p. 22) An Interview With John Regazzi (Feb., p. 42) Wireless Demands Focus Designers On Integration (Feb., p. 34) An Interview With Dr. Lawrence Williams (March, p. 42) An Interview ...

An Interview With Jim McGillivary (Jan., p. 22)
An Interview With John Regazzi (Feb., p. 42)
Wireless Demands Focus Designers On Integration (Feb., p. 34)
An Interview With Dr. Lawrence Williams (March, p. 42)
An Interview With Joseph G. Thomas, Jr. (April, p. 46)
Healthcare Segment Offers Plentiful RF Prospects (May, p. 142)
Microwave Legends (Aug., p. 42)
An Interview With Mike Peters (Oct., p. 40)
Top Products Of 2010 (Dec., p. 92)

Digital Techniques Hold Key To 4G Infrastructure (April, p. 33)
Satellite Markets Enjoy An Uptick (July, p. 29)
Communications Embraces Data And Energy Monitoring (Oct., p. 29)
Communications And Defense Markets Hold Promise (Dec., p. 29)

Match The Ports Of Differential Devices (Feb., p. 74)
Optimize Class E Power Amplifiers (Feb., p. 84)
RFIC Amps Add Gain Where Needed (Feb., p. 100)
Low-Power LNA Drops Noise At 2.4 GHz (Feb., p. 57)
Speedy Switches Minimize Gate Lags (March, p. 98)
Digital Attenuators Master Amplitude In MW Systems (March, p. 33)
Gauge Power Limits On Passive Components (March, p. 38)
Tune Out Spurious In Dual-Mode BPFs (March, p. 57)
Image-Reject Mixer Arms Direct-Conversion Receivers (March, p. 80)
Synthesizers Shave Size, Not Performance (March, p. 105)
TIA Explores Design Structures For Small Wind Turbines (March, Focus, p. S7)
PIN Switch Protects LNA From Overloads (April, p. 61)
Wilkinson Divider Powers TV Transmitters (April, p. 84)
Patch Array Antenna Serves Satcom Needs (April, p. 90)
Active Inductors Tune Low-Noise VCOs (April, p. 97)
Cables And Connectors Link Microwave Systems (April, p. 108)
Narrowing Choices For RF/MW Filters (April, p. 42)
Taming Temperature In High-Power PIN Switches (May, p. 63)
Antenna Assists MW Power Transmission (May, p. 70)
Low-Power TIA Tunes Gain At 2.4 GHz (May, p. 78)
Tiny Ring Hybrid Suppresses Harmonics (May, p. 100)
Small Antennas Are Big On Efficiency (May, p. 148)
Reference Sources Reduce Size, Noise (May, p. 156)
Hybrid Combiners Add Channels With Low PIM (May, Focus, p. S5)
TO-8 YIG Oscillators Tune From 2 To 8 GHz (June, p. 104)
Amplifiers Cultivate Greener Base Stations (June, p. 33)
Microstrip Approach Benefits Quad Splitter (June, p. 92)
RF/Microwave Filters Fit Surface-Mount Needs (June, p. 110)
PIN Diode Modules Add Delays To 3 GHz (June, p. 115)
Dropping Noise Levels In LNAs (June, p. 42)
SMT Couplers Build On Legacy (July, p. 97)
Channeling Power In MW Components (July, p. 40)
Wideband Limiter Fits SOT-323 Pack (July, p. 75)
Form Microstrip Couplers With Shielded Membranes (July, p. 84)
UWB Antenna Stops Two Bands (Aug., p. 96)
MM-Wave Components Offer Wide Bandwidths (Aug., p. 107)
Module Synthesizes 29 To 3840 MHz (Aug., p. 110)
Shrinking Sources Aim For Lower Noise (Aug., p. 29)
High-Speed DACs Ease Transmitter Designs (Aug., p. 66)
Hilbert Fractal Curves Form Compact Diplexer (Aug., p. 92)
Strategies For Planar Directional Couplers, Part 1 (Aug., p. 80)
Strategies For Planar Directional Couplers, Part 2 (Sept., p. 74)
RF Switches Guide Signals In Smart Phones (Sept., p. 80)
Triangular Patch Resonates BPF (Sept., p. 88)
Components Shrink, But Handle More Power (Sept., p. 29)
Analyze IMD-Causing Frequency Components (Sept., p. 66)
Dividers/Combiners Channel Power (Sept., p. 110)
Limit Losses In Coaxial Cable Assemblies (Sept., Focus, p. S1)
Analyzing Antenna Performance Parameters (Oct., p. 48)
Folded Microstrip And DGS Shrink BPF (Oct., p. 68)
Study Reliability Of Radiated RFID Tags (Oct., p. 77)
Tracking The Growth Of RFID Technology (Oct., p. 82)
DACs and ADCs Assist RF Communications (Oct., p. 102)
Broadband Amp Slashes 1/f Noise (Nov., p. 57)
LNA Quiets 3.1 To 10.6 GHz (Nov., p. 79)
Cables/Connectors Add Flexible Bandwidth (Nov., p. 106)
Compact VCOs Expand Bandwidth While Cutting Phase Noise (Nov., Focus, p. S1)
Specifying Mixers And Prescalers (Dec., p. 40)
Tiny Antenna Arms UWB Applications (Dec., p. 54)
Design A Stable 14-To-20-GHz Source (Dec., p. 62)
Design A SPDT Switch For WiMAX (Dec., p. 68)
RMS Detectors Read 75-dB Dynamic Range (Dec., p. 87)
Leveraging Component Savvy Into Assemblies (Dec., p. 99)

Upgraded CAE Software Simulates RFIC Designs (Jan., p. 112)
Analyze Phase Noise In A Sampled PLL, Part 1 (Jan., p. 70)
Analyze Phase Noise In A Sampled PLL, Part 2 (Feb., p. 64)
Analyze Phase Noise In A Sampled PLL, Part 3 (March, p. 66)
Forecast Rain Effects On Microwave Links, Part 2 (April, p. 78)
Math/EM Software Solves Circuit Problems (April, p. 110)
Modeling PA Behavior And Memory Effects, Part 1 (June, p. 84)
Modeling PA Behavior And Memory Effects, Part 2 (July, p. 70)
EM Simulators Improve With Age (July, p. 37)
Software Takes On Design "Wild Cards" (Nov., p. 29)
Model Surface Effects On Power Dissipation (Nov., p. 64)
Model PAs With Wideband Signals (Dec., p. 80)

IMS 2010 Returns To The West Coast (May, p. 28)
Microwave Innovations Take Hold In Paris (Sept., p. 44)

Producing Power With Tubes And Transistors (March/April, p. S32)
CERDEC, NRL Team On "No-Knob" Radio (March/April, p. S10)
Latest Maverick Ready For Testing (March/April, p. S6)
Army's Computer Game Tests Driving Skills (March/April, p. S6)
Fiber-Optic Connector Aids Tactical Coms (March/April, p. S6)
BAE Computers Study Solar Effects (March/April, p. S6)
Lockheed Martin Recognizes QP Semi (March/April, p.S6)
Network Operates Despite Disruptions (March/April, p. S6)
Rockwell Collins Ships ECCM Modules To India (March/April, p. S6)
Harris Radios Link Army's IBCS (March/April, p. S8)
Herley's Assemblies Arm Navy's P-8A (March/April, p. S8)
Northrop Grumman Ships AN/SPQ-9B Radars (March/April, p. S8)
Irvine Sensors Supplies Clip-On Thermal Imagers (March/April, p. S8)
Hybrid Devices Help Protect Radar Systems (March/April, p. S12)
Generating Stable Voltage For Multiple Applications (March/April, p. S20)
Fast Synthesizers Serve EW Systems (March/April, p. S24)
Tools Tackle Radar Testing (March/April, p. S30)
DTO Steps Quickly Across 9 To 15 GHz (March/April, p. S36)
Lithium-Polymer Battery Backs Light-Weight System (March/April, p. S38)
RF Signals Serve Homeland Security (June, p. 46)
OpenVPX Speeds Time To Market (June/July, p. S29)
Lasers Mark Half Century (June/July, p. S14)
CERDEC Demonstration Shows Networking Prowess (June/July, p. S15)
Apply An AWG For Power Design (June/July, p. S18)
SAW Oscillators Fly On Airborne Radars (June/July, p. S23)
Military-Grade LDOs Battle Harsh Realms (June/July, p. S26)
Fast 12-b ADCs Reshape SDRs (June/July, p. S33)
GaN PAs Drive EW, ECM Systems (June/July, p. S35)
Trombones Tune Delays To 18 GHz (June/July, p. S37)
Speedy Synthesizer Spans 0.2 To 20.0 GHz (June/July, p. S38)
Simulator Serves 85-MHz Channels (June/July, p. S39)
FPGA Reconfigures Space-Based Systems (Sept., p. S38)
Suppliers Keep Stock Of Key Parts (Sept., p. S14)
Approach Monitors Aircraft Emergencies (Sept., p. S19)
Wireless Technology Steers Supplies To Troops (Sept., p. S20)
Testing Wideband Satcom And Radar (Sept., p. S22)
SOS Devices Save Power in Mil Radios (Sept., p. S26)
UAVs Leading Forward Ranks (Sept., p. S34)
Broadband TWTAs Power 6 To 40 GHz (Sept., p. S42)
SiC Transistors Fire UHF Radars (Sept., p. S44)
Amplifiers Power Tactical Data Links (Sept., p. S46)

Device Processes Differ In Benefits (Feb., p. 38)
Properly Packaging RF Semiconductors (Feb., p. 98)
GaN Power Transistors Gain Ground In Military And Commercial Applications (March, Focus, p. S1)
Semiconductors Simplify Direct-Conversion Design (March, p. 90)
Design MMICs On A Budget (April, p. 68)
Tunable MMIC Filters Span 1.0 To 7.6 GHz (April, p. 114)
MMICs Serve Key Transceiver Functions (May, p. 133)
Power Transistors Reach New Levels (Sept., p. 106)
ICs Control Gain In Wireless Networks (Oct., p. 94)
Seeking Faster Devices At IEDM (Nov., p. 38)
Mini Helix TWT Powers 2 To 18 GHz (Nov., p. 114)
Rx Modules Transform RF To Digital Signals (Dec., p. 102)

Suppliers Enhance Substrate Performance (March, p. 104)
Lasers Carve MM-Wave Circuits (Oct., p. 110)
Selecting Optimal Microwave Substrates (Nov., p. 42)
Micromachined Microstrip Forms Bandstop Filters (Dec., p. 75)

Systems & Subsystems
Forecast Rain Effects On Microwave Links (March, p. 72)
Design Diversity RFID Systems (May, p. 88)
Sizing Up RF Switch Systems (May, p. 108)
Check Chirp Effects On FMCW GPRs (June, p. 61)
Design An X-Band Frequency Synthesizer (June, p. 98)
Reviewing Avionics Antenna Modules, Part 1 (June, p. 72)
Reviewing Avionics Antenna Modules, Part 2 (July, p. 66)
Front End Fits SDR Picocells (July, p. 89)
Transceiver IC Tackles 3G, LTE (July, p. 104)
System-In-Package Design Approach Promotes Portability (July, Focus, p. S1)
Integration Paves Way For Compact PA Modules (July, Focus, p. S4)
Mach-Zehnder Modulators Serve Radio
Over Fiber (Aug., p. 75)
Design A B3G Receiver Front End (Oct., p. 84)
Satcom Transceiver Delivers Linear 13 W (Nov., p. 95)
Receivers, Caps Harvest RF Energy (Nov., p. 86)
Broadband Systems Fuel Industry Growth (Nov., p. 102)
Synthesizers Meld Several Approaches (Nov., p. 74)

Test & Measurement
Broadband VNAs View Nonlinear Behavior (Jan., p. 99)
Nonlinear S-Parameters And SDR Impact Test And Measurement Equipment (Jan., p. 33)
Spectrum Analyzers Open Windows On An RF World (Jan., p. 40)
System Performs FM Radio Drive Testing (Jan., p. 61)
Match Loop Antennas Via Mutual Inductance (Jan., p. 78)
Portable Testers Provide Flexibility (Jan., p. 106)
LTE Challenges Test Gear Suppliers (Jan., p. 110)
Signal Generator Ranges To 20 GHz (Jan., p. 114)
USB Devices Simplify RF/Microwave Testing (Feb., p. 94)
Raise Network-Analyzer Accuracy For High-Frequency Connectors (March, Focus, p. S5)
Tackling MIMO In WiMAX Testing (May, p. 48)
High-Speed Scopes Race To 32 GHz (May, p. 152)
Precision Cables Preserve Microwave Measurement Accuracy (May, Focus, p. S1)
X-Parameters Aid MMIC Design (July, p. 55)
Measuring MIMO Performance Levels (July, p. 102)
Portable VNAs Tune Filters In The Field (Aug., p. 103)
Scopes Surface From New Source (Aug., p. 112)
Cross Correlation Cuts Phase Noise (Aug., p. 114)
Signal Generators Suit Military Testing (Aug., p. 38)
Measuring MIMO In LTE Tx And Rx Tests (Aug., p. 56)
Tracing The Evolution Of Load-Pull Methods (Sept., p. 97)
Multi-Paction Tests Run At High Power (Sept., p. 59)
Dual Detector Probes RF Power To 6 GHz (Sept., p. 114)
Performing Tests On 4G Equipment (Sept., p. 40)
Evaluate Antenna Measurement Methods (Oct., p. 61)
Fixtures and Probes Aid RF Measurements (Oct., p. 106)
Compact Modules Make Flexible Test Systems (Oct., p. 112)
Testers Exercise Satcom Systems (Nov., p. 108)
Meters Read CW Power From -70 To +44 dBm (Nov., p. 110)
VNAs Hike Frequency Coverage To 110 GHz (Nov., p. 112)
System Captures Broadband Signals (Nov., p. 115)
Scopes Climb To 100 GSamples/s (Dec., p. 101)

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