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Jan. 16, 2007
CONTRACTSMotorola, Inc.—Announced that it has signed a $75 million GSM network-expansion contract with M-tel, a mobile-communications operator in Nigeria. This expansion will enable M-tel to extend its coverage across Nigeria. The scope of the expansion ...

Motorola, Inc.Announced that it has signed a $75 million GSM network-expansion contract with M-tel, a mobile-communications operator in Nigeria. This expansion will enable M-tel to extend its coverage across Nigeria.

The scope of the expansion project covers installation, commissioning, and the upgrading of sites in the cities of Benin, Ikorodu, and Yola.

Motorola expects the implementation of the expansion to be completed by the end of the first half of 2007.

A portion of revenue on this contract was recognized by Motorola in the second and third quarters of 2006. A portion of the purchase price will be financed by Motorola.

Herley Industries, Inc.Announced that its Herley New England facility in Woburn, MA has received a $1.2 million contract award from a major US defense contractor. The Herley division will manufacture complex integrated microwave assemblies on an Electronic Support Measures (ESM) system for the SH-60R multi-mission helicopter.

Nokia and Total Access Communication plc (DTAC)Have signed a network-expansion contract, valued at approximately $110 million. Nokia's GSM/EDGE radio and core network solutions and services will improve DTAC's network coverage and capacity, enabling DTAC to provide enhanced services to its subscribers in Thailand. Nokia will continue as the sole supplier.

The exclusive agreement covers DTAC's entire GSM/EDGE network. Nokia will deliver a wide range of its radio and core network solutions, such as Nokia MSC Server System mobile softswitch, packet core network solution, base stations, and the Nokia Unified Charging Suite. DTAC's network will continue to be supported by the multivendor, multitechnology Nokia NetAct™ network and service-management system. Nokia will also provide systems integration.

Triton Services, Inc., Electron Technology DivisionHas been awarded a contract for the development of a new traveling wave-tube amplifier (TWTA) for a shipboard tracking radar. The value of the contract awarded by a European defense contractor exceeds $1 million for the development and the first pre-production lot.

Empower RF Systems, Inc.—Announced that it has received a minority investment from Summit Partners, a private equity and venture capital firm with a capital base of nearly $9 billion.

The ZigBee® Alliance—Announced that Eaton Corp. is now a Promoter-level member and the newest member of the ZigBee Alliance board of directors.

ERF Wireless—Has completed the acquisition of the wireless broadband assets and operations of southwest Enhanced Network Services, LP (The Door to the Internet, "The Door"), a wireless broadband affiliate of Windstream Corp. The all-cash transaction closed on December 15, 2006, and includes all of the current customers and network-infrastructure equipment including approximately 59 towers. The Door acquisition provides ERF Wireless with access to a large geographic area adjacent to Lubbock, TX and the surrounding Panhandle and New Mexico communities. The acquisition covers approximately 25,000 sq. mi. of coverage area with a population of more than 400,000 businesses and residents.

Hittite Microwave Corp.Announced the establishment of an integrated-circuit (IC) design center located in Ottawa, ON, Canada. The center is operational and is staffed with a team of recently hired engineers.

Gigabeam Corp.Has received an order for three WiFiber® wireless fiber links from MABCO, which is headquartered in Amman, Jordan. MABCO is a wireless broadband provider specializing in telecommunication and office equipment solutions.

Gigabeam also received an initial order for two WiFiber® wireless fiber links from a leading European incumbent wireline and wireless carrier. The carrier is also one of the world's largest mobile operators. The customer is headquartered in Europe and has operations in Europe and Asia with a subscriber base of greater than 75 million.

RF Micro Devices, Inc.Announced the official opening of its new customer support center in Shanghai, China.

The new center will expand RFMD's capacity to support wireless customers throughout the Far East by expanding and complementing RFMD's operations in Beijing and Shenzhen, China and Taipei, Taiwan. The new facility houses technical sales, sales management, application support, and customer support.

Antenova Ltd.Announced that it has acquired the RF design engineering team from a US-based developer of advanced RF power amplifiers for mobile handsets. Antenova further announced plans for an R&D center in the Chicago area in the first quarter of 2007.

Azimuth Systems, Inc.Has received $7.5 million in new venture-capital funding from its current investors.

Phihong TechnologyHas opened a new facility in Suzhou, China. Located close to Shanghai and only five miles from their existing facility in Suzhou, the 1 million-sq.-ft. plant will house up to 50 production lines and employ over 9000 workers.

Alereon, Inc.—Announced that it has received a $4 million investment from Samsung Ventures' strategic technologies investment fund.

Laird Technologies, Inc.—Announced the acquisition of Steward, Inc. and its subsidiaries for $52.5 million. Steward is a provider of ferrite-based products that are used to remove unwanted EMI "noise" and other signals at unwanted frequencies from conductors. Steward revenues in their fiscal year ending September 30, 2006 were $50 million.

Laird also acquired Coollab AB, which trades as "Supercool" and is a provider of custom designed thermoelectric-based assemblies. Sales revenues for 2006 are expected to be $11 million.

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