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Dec. 11, 2007
ContractsCommunications & Power Industries, Inc. (CPI) - Has received an initial award for satellite-communications (satcom) amplifiers to support the General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies specialized satcom earth terminals for Increment One of ...

Communications & Power Industries, Inc. (CPI) - Has received an initial award for satellite-communications (satcom) amplifiers to support the General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies specialized satcom earth terminals for Increment One of the US Army's Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) program, formally known as the Joint Network Node-Network (JNN-N) program. The award is for the first phase of a base-plus-four-option years contract for which General Dynamics has selected CPI to be the supplier of Ku-band high-power amplifiers. CPI has recently received approximately $2 million in total awards, including this initial amplifier award, from General Dynamics to support the WIN-T and JNN-N programs.

General Dynamics has been awarded an initial $24 million contract from the US Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) in Fort Monmouth, NJ under Increment One of the WIN-T program to provide 33 Satellite Transportable Terminals (STT) and two Unit Hub SATCOM Trucks (UHST) as well as other equipment and services. If all options are exercised, the contract has a total potential value to General Dynamics of up to $721 million. The program could have a total potential value of more than $50 million to CPI.

Under the initial award, CPI will provide traveling-wavetube (TWT) amplifiers to General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies for use in the STT units. Each STT will be outfitted with multiple CPI Ku-band TWT amplifiers that combine a high-efficiency helix TWT provided by CPI's Microwave Power Products Division with an "outdoor" amplifier provided by CPI's Satcom Division.

Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories - Has been awarded a $729,999, 30-month contract form the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to automate intelligence preparation for the battlespace.

Called Multi-Perspective Fuser Software Tool for Salience Analysis, the program will reduce from weeks to days, or days to hours, the time intelligence analysts need for a process called Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace (IPB). This process defines the battlespace, describes its potential effects, evaluates threats, and predicts courses of action that the enemy may use. There are two main categories of IPB products: geospatially-organized products, like map-overlays, and those that estimate enemy intent and course of action.

Fresh Starts
BAE Systems - Has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Swedish high-tech company Pitch Technologies AB (Pitch) for a cash consideration of 61.3 MSEK (approximately $9.7 million US).

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Linkoping, Sweden, Pitch is involved in computer-based training and research simulation technologies. Some of the largest and most complex simulation programs in governments and industries worldwide, including those in NASA, Boeing, and Mitsubishi, employ Pitch's simulation products, services, and solutions.

RF Micro Devices - Announced the completion of its acquisition of Sirenza Microdevices, Inc., a supplier of RF components (see Financial News, September 2007, p. 50).

StratEdge - Announced that it has moved its headquarters to new, state-of-the-art facilities in San Diego, CA.

The new StratEdge facility is located at 6335 Ferris Sq., Suite C, San Diego, CA 92121. It contains 12,268 sq. ft. and includes a Class 100 manufacturing area for precision bare die assembly. StratEdge had resided at its previous location on Viewridge Ave. in San Diego for 16 years. Besides corporate offices, the plant will house design, manufacturing, assembly, and test for StratEdge's high-performance packages that operate at frequencies from DC to over 50 GHz. The main manufacturing lines in the new facility are thickfilm printing, furnace operations, plating, and microelectronics assembly, which includes component attachment, wire bonding, and electrical test. StratEdge is an ISO 9001:2000 facility.

Kaben Wireless Silicon, Inc. - Has joined Jazz Semiconductor IP Partners program and has been qualified as a Silicon- Proven IP provider.

FCI and Amphenol - Have entered into second-source agreements covering three connector product families: FCI's ZipLineTM connector system and Amphenol's XCedeTM and CrossbowTM interconnect platforms.

Laird Technologies - Announced that effective immediately, Laird's corporate headquarters has moved to a new location within the St. Louis, MO metropolitan area. This move occurred to provide additional space and updated facilities in response to the rapid growth of the company.

The new address is: Laird Technologies, 16401 Swingley Ridge Rd., Suite 700, Chesterfield, MO 63017. The main phone number is (636) 898-6000.

The original St. Louis-area facility, located in Earth City, MO, housed production, engineering, and research and development as well as corporate management operations and staff. All corporate management operations and staff have moved to the new office, including executive management, business management, IT, product management, sales and marketing management, supply-chain management, and customer service. Production, engineering, research and development, along with support functions including site human resources and accounting, will remain in the Earth City location.

Integrated Test Corp. - Established a sales and applications office in Taiwan.

Contact information for the new office is: Mao-Hwa Shen, +886 (928) 149108, e-mail: [email protected].

Cookson Electronics - Opened its Research Center in Bangalore, India. The 32,000-sq.-ft. facility is one of four research and development centers run by Cookson Electronics. The other three centers are located in the United States, Japan, and Singapore.

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