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Aug. 13, 2008
ViaSatHas signed a 10-year agreement with KVH Industries Inc., to establish a global Ku-band mobile broadband network using ViaSat-patented ArcLight technology. The agreement includes an initial purchase by KVH of three ArcLight hubs with options for ...
ViaSatHas signed a 10-year agreement with KVH Industries Inc., to establish a global Ku-band mobile broadband network using ViaSat-patented ArcLight technology. The agreement includes an initial purchase by KVH of three ArcLight hubs with options for more hubs as the network expands. The contract will enable network expansion that builds on the satellite networks serving business jets, maritime vessels, and ground vehicles in North America, the Caribbean, the North Atlantic, and Europe. Under the agreement, ViaSat will provide network operation services, managing satellite access and seamless roaming for the ViaSat hubs, and share in the service revenues. ViaSat and KVH will establish ArcLight spread spectrum mobile Broadband networks in a series of new regions. The coverage expansion is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2008. KVH will be the global provider for maritime service while ViaSat will provide products and satellite network services into aviation markets worldwide. Renesas TechnologyHas chosen Agilent Technologies' GoldenGate Simulator to expand its RF Design Environment. The multiyear agreement includes product licensing and support for the GoldenGate simulator. Renesas already designs its RF circuits using Agilent's Advanced Design System. Adding the GoldenGate simulator will extend the company's design and simulation capacity. The GoldenGate software is an advanced simulation and analysis solution for integrated RF circuit design. Its simulation algorithms are optimized for the demands of complex RF circuit design, enabling full characterization of complete transceivers prior to tape-out. To ensure device manufacturability and reduce design spins, GoldenGate takes advantage of frequency-domain and time-domain simulation capabilities to perform necessary analyses on RF devices.
EB has appointed GIGACOMP GmbH as distributor of EB Propsim radio channel emulators in Germany and Austria. Entering this cooperation is an important step for both companies because it will provide customers with improved availability of EB Propsim solutions locally. GIGACOMP GmbH represents manufacturers of RF and microwave test equipment and components; EB specializes in demanding embedded software and hardware solutions for the wireless and automotive industries.
TDK Corp. and EPCOS AG
Have signed a Business Combination Agreement (BCA). The purpose of the agreement is to combine EPCOS with TDK's activities in the electronic components field. The combination will create an industryleading electronic components company with a strong presence across customer sectors and regions. The BCA contains the basis of the partnership and the roadmap for its implementation.
Has chosen Credence Diamond 10 from Credence Systems Corp. for mixed-signal IC testing and to expand its analog and digital test capabilities. Aptasic SA specializes in the supply chain management and the testing of analog or mixed-signal ASICs, in small, medium or large quantities.
NXDN Forum
Has been formally established by eight members that include: Kenwood Corporation, Icom Inc., Kenwood USA Corporation, Icom America Inc., Aeroflex Wichita Inc., Daniels Electronics Ltd., Ritron Inc. and Trident Datacom Technologies, Inc. d/b/a Trident Micro Systems. As the demand for land mobile radio is increasing each year, more efficient use of frequency resources is sought. Under such circumstances, for land mobile radio systems designed for the business and industry market, a cost-effective communication method is sought, and there is a need for such a communication system. The aim of this system is the efficient use of frequencies through digitization. Kenwood Corporation and Icom Inc. conducted a joint study on such a new form of digital land mobile radio communication protocol for the business and industry market, and the result of such a study is now called "NXDN." It will provide high cost-performance and excellent features, and analog FM-type amplifiers and other equipment can be used in this system.
Has opened a new office in Tampa, FL to support the ongoing demand for the company's government information assurance products and services. Employees began moving into the new office, ViaSat's 11th office location in the United States, in June. ViaSat is a 22 year-old company with a history of technology leadership and innovation in the satellite and aerospace industry. The office will occupy 6,000 square feet at 5550 W. Idlewild Ave in the TIA Airport Area, the western anchor of the Florida High Tech Corridor.
Times Microwave Systems
Has announced price changes for LMR products. Due to continued increases in material costs for metals and petrochemicals used in the manufacturing of Times LMR cables, connectors and accessories and higher related costs including freight, prices for most items increased effective Aug. 1, 2008. Palomar TechnologiesHas announced that Palomar management has bought out the original investor group that spun the company out of Hughes Aircraft in 1995. Local management, already with Palomar for many years, now owns the company. All of the current operations, products, and services will continue unchanged.
Trilithic Inc
.Has acquired Online Security Service, an expert provider of managed Internet security solutions based in Cooper City, FL. It will now be called Trilithic Network Services. Trilithic Network Services will retain the management team of Kevin and Gary Windle, the brothers that cofounded the company in 1989.
Aperto Networks
The company's new PacketMAX 4000 base station has received a 2008 WiMAX Distinction Award from Technology Marketing Corp. (TMC), an integrated global media company that follows the WiMAX market. By minimizing capital commitment per site, PacketMAX 4000 enables service providers to offer fixed, portable, and mobile broadband services and achieve profitability in a short time. At the same time, the system is highly scalable and can grow according to network coverage and capacity needs.

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