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Dec. 12, 2008
COMMERCIAL Mobile Television Prepares For Its Big Debut (March, p. 33) Crosstalk With Christos Tsironis (October, p. 48) Microwave Legends (October, p. 52) Mobile WiMAX Is Vetted For Video (November, p. 34) Crosstalk With Joel ...

Mobile Television Prepares For Its Big Debut (March, p. 33)
Crosstalk With Christos Tsironis (October, p. 48)
Microwave Legends (October, p. 52)
Mobile WiMAX Is Vetted For Video (November, p. 34)
Crosstalk With Joel Levine, President of RFMW (December, p. 42)
Finding New Homes for RF/Microwave Technology (December, p. 29)

Low-Jitter Modules Generate Clock Signals To 40 Gb/s, (April, p. 90)
Millimeter-Wave Bands Support Diverse Uses (August, p. 42)
Disparate Solutions Work To Fill Communications Gap (June, p. 44)
Startup Proposes Wi-Fi For Personal Area Networks (July, p. 44)
MIMO: The Next Revolution In Wireless Data Communications (April Defense Electronics, p. S7)
Protecting The Key Is The "Key" To Secure Communications (April Defense Electronics, p. S10)
Technologies Strive For Improved Communications (October, p. 41)

Cut Loss in Low-Voltage, Wideband PIN Attenuators (April, p. 78)
Phase-Lock Basics (January, p. 76)
Designer's Kit Collects Frequency Mixers To 4 GHz (January, p. 110)
Tracking Advances In Probing Mixed- Mode RF Circuitry (January, p. 86)
Determine Twisted-Line Characteristic Impedance (January, p. 66)
Amplifiers Apply Gain To Diverse Applications (February, p. 42)
GaN Devices Arm Distributed Amplifier (February, p. 66)
Waveguide Diplexer Extends To E-Band (February, p. 94)
Design An Integrated Oscillator/Antenna (March, p. 59)
Synthesizers Squeeze Into Smaller Spaces (March, p. 42)
Power-Saving Design Brings DDS Flexibility To Portables (March, p. 91)
Surface-Mount VCO Tunes 800 to 1000 MHz (April, p. 112)
Eight-Channel ADC Cut Wireless Power Needs (April, p. 114)
Rugged Cables And Connectors Can Take Abuse (April, p. 33)
Large-Signal Approach Yields Low-Noise VHF/UHF Oscillators (April, p. 62)
VCO Source Programs Arbitrary Waveforms (April, p. 102)
Quad High-Speed Data Converter Offers Wider Bandwidth With Improved Dynamic Range (April Defense Electronics, p. S15)
Cable And Connectors Deliver Robust Signals (June, p. 110)
Novel Approaches Vow To Upset The Status Quo (May, p. 54)
Chip-Scale Packaging Approach Cuts Losses (May, p. 58)
Large-Signal Approach Yields Low-Noise VHF/UHF Oscillators (May, p. 84)
Multilayer Microstrip Forms Tunable Bandstop Filters (May, p. 98)
Modular Approach Provides Fast And Easy Prototyping (May, p. 124)
LTCC Arms Mixer For 7.3-To-20.0-GHz Systems (May, p. 132)
Synthesized LO Spans 0.05 To 20.48 GHz (May, p. 140)
High-Dynamic-Range Mixer Upconverts 1.5 To 3.8 GHz (May, p. 146)
Advanced Phase-Lock Techniques (May, p. 148)
VCOs Offer Linear Tuning Through 10.9 GHz (May, p. 150)
Custom Synthesizers Range 144 to 4500 MHz (May, p. 152)
Multibeam Antenna Serves Broadband Wireless Coms (June, p. 61)
Coupled Stubs Support Microstrip Bandpass Filter (June, p. 76)
Planar Resonators Arm Tunable Oscillators (June, p. 92)
Space-Grade DC-DC Converter Revolutionizes Low-Power RF Design (June Defense Electronics, p. S7)
Taking Advantage Of New Choices In Embedded Graphical Processor Units (June Defense Electronics, p. S10)
Design An X-Band Vivaldi Antenna (July, p. 59)
Digital Predistortion Linearizes Broadband PAs (July, p. 66)
Planar Resonators Arm Tunable Oscillators (July, p. 90)
CSP Technology Shrinks RF Component Size (July, p. 100)
Crystal Oscillators Continue To Shrink (August, p. 33)
Digital Predistortion Linearizes Broadband PAs (August, p. 66)
Design An X-Band Vivaldi Antenna (August, p. 72)
Analyze Antenna Approaches For LTE Wireless Systems (August, p. 77)
Tiny Trimmers Target Tunable Requirements (August, p. 106)
Setting Strategies For Transmission Lines (September, p. 100; October, p. 84)
Uneven DGS Cells Construct Compact LPF (September, p. 114)
Tiny SDLVAs Tackle 20-GHz Bandwidth (September, p. 124)
Compact BAW Filters Help Separate WiMAX And WLAN (September, p. 138)
For Amplifier Design, It's All In The Tools (September FOCUS, p. S1)
MEMS/Silicon Oscillators Arriving In Nick Of Time (September FOCUS, p. S4)
Making The Most Of Chip Antennas (September FOCUS, p. S8)
RF Filters: Back To Basics, (September FOCUS, p. S10)
RF Connectors Respond To Applications Diversity, (September FOCUS, p. S16)
Novel Approach Yields Fast, Clean Synthesizers (October, p. 101)
CMOS RFIC Design Principles (October, p. 111)
ADCs and DACs Arm Broadband Communications (October, p. 112)
Dual-Channel YIGs Filter Signals To 18 GHz (October, p. 116)
Surface-Mount Filters Meet RoHS Requirements (October, p. 118)
Tunable Oscillators Aim At Reduced Phase Noise (October, p. 57)
Perform Fast Optimization Of Tapered WG Transformers (November, p. 51)
Antenna Tuning Approach Aids Cellular Handsets (November, p. 82)
High-Speed ADC Offers 16 b At 200 MSamples/s (November, p. 107)
RMS Detector Reads 40-dB Range To 6 GHz (November, p. 110)
Silicon Capacitors Eye Niche RF/ Microwave Applications (November FOCUS, p. S1)
Transmission Line Conquers Signal-Integrity And Testing-Connectivity Problems (November FOCUS, p. S6)
Vectron's Vision Of Frequency Control (December, p. 36)
Equalize RF Amplifiers With Bandpass Filters (December, p. 78)
Miniature VCOs Shrink Wideband Synthesizers (December, p. 87)
Top Products Of 2008 (December, p. 94)
Spread-Spectrum Clocks Cut EMI (December, p. 98)

Advanced Simulators Focus On EM Fields (April, p. 98)
Analyze EM Parameters Of Slotted Tube Couplers (March, p. 76)
EM Simulator Models Acoustic/Electric Designs (April, p. 53)
Reviewing GNSS Basics For Software Engineers (May, p. 110)
Microwave System Design Tools And EW Applications (June, p. 74)
New EDA Software Versions Boast Broad Enhancements (August, p. 104)
Software Simulators Speed Design Cycle (November, p. 29)

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IMS Displays Microwave Advances In Atlanta (May, p. 33)
AUTOTESTCON Gathers ATE Equipment Suppliers (July, p. 106)

Technology Developments Predict And Conquer Threats (January, p. 33)
Dynamic Spectrum Access Moves To The Forefront (April Defense Electronics, p. S3)
RF/Microwave Technologies Advance For Military Systems (June, p. 33)
Technology Critical To Modern Warfare (September, p. 45)
Tracking The Technologies That Are Forging Future Systems (September Defense Electronics, p. 36)
Fitting Commercial Goods To Military Requirements (September Defense Electronics, p. 40)
PMC Format Holds Agile ADCs And SDRs (October Defense Electronics, p. 33)
Teamwork Provides Secure Surveillance Software Solution (October Defense Electronics, p. 37)

RMS Detector Reads Peak Power To 2.7 GHz (January, p. 108)
RF Semiconductors Take A Variety of Forms (February, p. 33)
Cyrogenic Chip Enhances Satcom System Performance, (January, p. 40)
Silicon Carbide Clears Way For Higher-Power Transistors (November FOCUS, p. S12)
LDMOS FET Drives UHF TV Transmitters (May, p. 142)
Semiconductor Advances Propel High- Power Amps (July, p. 33)
RF Transistors Add Power, Subtract Heat (September, p. 56)
LDMOS FETs Serve 330 W For L-Band Radar Systems (September, p. 132)
Two-Stage LDMOS RFIC Drives WiMAX (October, p. 87)

Microwave Materials Help Build An Industry (March, p. 98)
Gore Celebrates 50 Years Of PTFE (February, p. 84)

Assemble High-Power Attenuator Systems (February, p. 76)
Examine The Effects Of Phase Noise On RFID Range (July, p. 78)
SiGe GPS Receiver Handles Two Antennas (July, p. 112)
Frequency Synthesizers Fit In Rugged Systems (August, p. 98)
Analyze Interference In Compact Wireless Designs (October, p. 78)
UWB GPR Receiver Detects Waterpipe Leaks (November, p. 73)
UWB Antenna Assists Ground-Penetrating Radar (December, p. 60)

Power Meters Make Connections Via USB (January, p. 78)
Synthesizer/Converter Brings DDS Benefits To 40 GHz (January, p. 104)
Configure An RF ATE System (January, p. 55)
High-Speed Synthesizer Switches 0.01 to 20 GHz (January, p. 97)
RF Power Calibration Aids Wireless Transmitters (February, p. 57)
Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers Capture 8 GHz (February, p. 96)
Converter Eases Multiport Testing From 75 to 110 GHz (February, p. 90)
12-Port VNA Characterizes Crosstalk on High-Speed Lines (March, p. 68)
VNA Extends Four-Port Measurements To 50 GHz (March, p. 106)
Broadcast Signal Generator Integrates Test Functions (April, p. 110)
Field Operations Kit Aids High-Power Testing (April, p. 108)
Eliminate Fixture Effects On Device Measurements (May, p. 71)
Modular GPIB Switches Connect Test Applications (May, p. 154)
Fast Meters Scale Microwave Power Peaks (June, p. 102)
Compact Oscilloscopes Check Embedded Systems (June, p. 114)
Microwave VNAs Add Nonlinear Network Analysis (June, p. 116)
Making Advanced Radar Measurements (June, p. 84)
Evaluating And Selecting A Synthetic Test Environment (June Defense Electronics, p. S3)
Enhanced Scopes Race To 20 GSamples/s (July, p. 110)
Integrated System Tests Device Flicker Noise (July, p. 114)
Use Pulsed I-V Testing To Characterize RF Devices (August, p. 56)
Test Software Simplifies Phase, Power Measurements, (August, p. 102)
Software Tools Simplify GPS Testing (August, p. 108)
Rohde & Schwarz Celebrates 75 Years (August, p. 88)
Design A Scanning RSSI Receiver For WiMAX Measurements (September, p. 75)
Achieving Amplitude Accuracy In Modern Spectrum Analyzers (September, p. 90)
Multipurpose Impedance Tuner Is Portable Solution (September, p. 136)
Converters Carry VNA To 325 GHz (September Defense Electronics, p. 33)
The Problems Of Testing With Unstable Cable (October FOCUS, p. S2)
Measure The Range Of Sensor Networks (October, p. 69)
Solderless N-Connector Overcomes Harsh Environment (October FOCUS, p. S1)
Bandpass Filters Are Electronically Tunable Over Wide Frequency Range (October FOCUS, p. S6)
Silicon Oscillators Offer Alternative To Quartz (October FOCUS, p. S12)
Tester Exercises MIMO Receivers (November, p. 98)
USB Power Sensor Checks 50-dB Range to 6 GHz (November, p. 112)
Calibration Methods Aid Measurement of Low-Loss Devices (November FOCUS, p. S2)
Test Radio Receivers With Recorded Signals (December, p. 66)
Software/Scope Combination Scrutinizes Complex Waveforms (December, p. 100)

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