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Nov. 17, 2009
CONTRACTS AWRHas announced that its Simulation Technology and Applied Research (STAAR) division has been awarded three grants for US government-sponsored research projects through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Two of the ...

Has announced that its Simulation Technology and Applied Research (STAAR) division has been awarded three grants for US government-sponsored research projects through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Two of the grants for FEM EM software development are from the US Department of Energy. One is focused on RF cavity design and the other on current modeling to enable the more rapid evaluation and design iteration of next-generation light sources and particle colliders. The third, which was awarded by the US Navy, focuses on improving emission/ionization algorithms of 3D FEM technology in the 80-to-300-GHz range. The proprietary parallelized 3D FEM EM simulation and analysis capability embodied in Analyst software has been employed to analyze complex RF and microwave structures at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, and Naval Research Laboratory.
Elbit Systems of America LLC
Has been awarded an indefinitedelivery/ indefinite-quantity, firm-fixed-priced contract to provide 100-W power amplifiers (PAs) for the Digital Modular Radio (DMR) program at SPAWAR. The contract could be valued as much as $11.4 million over a five-year period. DMRs operate aboard the Navy's surface and subsurface vessels, fixed sites, and other DoD communication platforms using frequencies ranging from 2 MHz to 2 GHz.
TriQuint Semiconductor
Has been awarded a $16.2-million Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) multiyear, gallium-nitride (GaN) R&D contract to create complex, high-dynamic-range circuits for future defense and aerospace applications. TriQuint received its DARPA contract to advance GaN research and develop new generations of compoundsemiconductor circuits through the Nitride Electronic NeXt- Generation Technology (NEXT) program.
e2v technologies
Has announced the latest orders from BAE Systems for the supply of electron devices and microwave subsystems. The first order, which is worth more than $3.6 million, is for the supply of radar components and subsystems for the radar platform on the Seawolf air-defense system. Following a one- to two-year ramp up to full production rates, order releases will be on the order of $6 million per annum.

Has announced an agreement with WIN Semiconductors for the design and manufacture of galliumarsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs). WIN has agreed to provide ANADIGICS with GaAs foundry processing services to meet customer demand for its RF integrated circuits (ICs). The foundry agreement complements the continued production of products at ANADIGICS' 6-in. GaAs manufacturing facility in New Jersey``.
Merrimac Industries
Has been granted a patent for its Multi- Mix Microtechnology from the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China entitled "Coupler Resource Module." The Resource Module is the building block for providing integrated platform solutions for a wide range of RF and microwave subsystems. Based on Multi-Mix polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) process technology, the module paves the way for the direct integration of high-power RF circuitry with transistor die in small, lightweight modules. The module's Multi-Mix PTFE structure accommodates a range of semiconductor technologies like LDMOS, GaN, SiC, SiGe, GaAs FET/MESFET, and PHEMT. It also allows for mixed and multiple die integration on a single platform.
Goodfellow Corp.
This former subsidiary of Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd. is now a fully autonomous US company within the Goodfellow Group of Companies. A dedicated web site has been created for the US market at
Has announced the availability of its Bluetooth test system, which uses Agilent's N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set. The Bluetooth test system was developed by TRaC engineers in conjunction with Agilent hardware engineering. It delivers a complete qualification service that includes RF, profile, and protocol to the Bluetooth Specification Test Suite Structure and Test Purpose System Specification 1.2/2.0/2.0+EDR/2.1/2.1+EDR. Additionally, support for V3.0 + HS is being developed by TRaC's engineers.
Richardson Electronics Ltd.
Has signed a global distribution agreement with Sarantel. By combining Sarantel's active and passive embedded-GPS/satellite-terminal antennas with other GPS components including radio modules, Richardson Electronics can provide customers with complete solutions engineered to their specific needs.
Roke Manor Research Ltd.
Has launched a commercial, generic high-voltage test facility. The service can accommodate RF power and voltage on a massive scale. It combines high-voltage isolation with screening to 18 GHz. Although it was previously reserved for government establishments, the Roke High Voltage Facility will offer an option for public and private-sector organizations that wish to test and commission high-voltage and high-power RF equipment. The facility will target R&D specialists designing systems that require multiple high-power amplifiers with tight synchronization demands and signaldistribution complexity.
Has selected IBM Microelectronics to manufacture its RF front-end integrated circuits (RFeICs). The RFeICs will be manufactured using IBM Microelectronics' BiCMOS process technology at its semiconductor facility in Burlington, VT.
SiTel Semiconductor
Has appointed Uniquest as its primary distributor for the Korea region. By collaborating with a strong local partner, SiTel reinforces its commitment to customers in this region by offering a competitive solution for the fastgrowing IP-DECT market with focused support.
Exalt CommunicationsHas announced that Teton Communications, Inc. has standardized on Exalt microwave-radio systems to support its backbone network over a 20,000-square-mile service area stretching from Pocatello to Yellowstone. The company has deployed Exalt-licensed 6-GHz radio systems on several 20-mile links to date. It intends to replace legacy gear on its remaining links over time.

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