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Dec. 20, 2010
CONTRACTS Andrew SolutionsWill provide a coverage and capacity system for wireless communications in the Shanxi Province section of China's Taiyuan-Zhongwei-Yinchuan high-speed railway. Andrew will supply RADIAX radiating cable and accessories ...


Andrew SolutionsWill provide a coverage and capacity system for wireless communications in the Shanxi Province section of China's Taiyuan-Zhongwei-Yinchuan high-speed railway. Andrew will supply RADIAX radiating cable and accessories for distributing wireless signals within the tunnel and along the railway.
Iridium Communications, Inc.
Has won three Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) contracts to upgrade the US Department of Defense (DoD) Enhanced Mobile Satellite Service (EMSS) Gateway in Hawaii. This effort, which is part of the DoD's EMSS Gateway Modernization Effort, is driven by three predominantly firm, fixed-price contracts totaling $12,215,576. The scope of work covered under the DISA contracts includes the replacement of key switching systems, upgrades to critical components of the Message Origination Center (MOC), and replacement of antenna radomes at the EMSS Gateway.
Thales Raytheon Systems
Has been selected as one of two companies to study the viability of an Omni-Directional Weapon Locating (OWL) radar for the US Army. The contract is valued at approximately $470,000. The company will develop a proof-of-concept for highly mobile, low-cost radars that can detect and track incoming rocket and mortar threats over 360-deg. and at all angles. Study input will be provided to the US Army by the end of this year.


dB Control, Inc.Has relaunched its web site at www.dbControl. com. With its new search capability, the site makes it easier to navigate the latest news, technology developments, industry articles, and case studies.
Quintech Electronics
Will be part of the Modernization of Enterprise Terminal Program (MET) at Harris Corp. As part of the estimated $820 million, five-year base with one five-year-option period contract, Quintech will provide RSS 0070 switches, SRR 2150 switches, and AMP2150 amplifiers to Harris. These products will support Harris' development of next-generation, global, military satellitecommunications (satcom) terminals for the US Department of Defense (DoD). The MET program is going to replace as many as 80 older AN/GSC-52, GSC-39, and FSC-78 satcom terminals around the world with dual simultaneous X/Kaband operation terminals.
PCTEST Engineering Laboratory, Inc.
Has announced that its wireless testing and certification laboratory is completely operational. It provides Long Term Evolution (LTE) 3GPP Conformance testing for device manufacturers and operators.
San-tron, Inc.
Has redesigned its web site at www.santron. com. Reorganized navigation makes it easy to browse the main product lines. In addition, scrolling features on the home page promise to deliver the most pertinent information to visitors. Among the site's notable new features are the Product Finder tool, Part Number Search tool, RFQ form, and Knowledge Center page.
Plessey Semiconductors
Has begun the development of a 0.35-m, silicon-germanium (SiGe) BiCMOS process technology on its 8-in. line at the firm's Plymouth, England semiconductor manufacturing facility. The process will be available by mid-2011. The first Plessey products will be sampled by the end of next year.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Has acquired certain assets of Signametrics, a manufacturer of PXI, VXI, PCI, and USB digital multimeters (DMMs) and modular switching products. Signametrics, a privately held company, is a 20-year veteran in the plug-in DMM market. This acquisition expands Agilent's offerings in DMMs as well as data-acquisition and switching solutions.
AWR Corp.
Has launched a Hebrew microsite (http://web. on its corporate web site to help RF/ microwave engineers in Israel find company- and productrelated information. The microsite contains technical papers, white papers, and industry news as well as events and resources. It also provides contact details for AWR's local sales-support provider, RDT Equipment and Systems Ltd.
Broadcom Corp.
Has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Percello Ltd., a privately held company that develops systemon- a-chip (SoC) solutions for femtocells. The acquisition will enable Broadcom to lower overall bill-of-material costs while accelerating time to market for energy-efficient femtocell technology. Broadcom expects to pay approximately $86 million, net of cash, which will be paid in cash. The transaction is expected to close in Broadcom's fourth quarter 2010 or by the end of its first quarter in 2011.
Has acquired the business of ThingMagic, Inc. of Cambridge, MAa developer of radio-frequency-identification (RFID) technology. This acquisition will enable Trimble to provide additional productivity solutions in its served industries.
JVD, Inc.
This analog and analog/mixed-signal integratedcircuit (IC) company is entering the European market by expanding its sales operations through a UK sales entity. JVD is seeking to fill a niche in the European analog applicationspecific- IC (ASIC) market by offering ASIC design services and manufacturing that take advantage of the boutique analog fabs in Silicon Valley. JVD can offer products not provided by other ASIC companies because the technical requirements do not fit into the rigid guidelines of traditional Asian foundries. The new EU office is located in Solihull, UK.
L-com, Inc.
Has completed its new sales, manufacturing, and administrative facility near Shanghai, China. This facility is the company's fourth full-service business location. L-com has been selling US-manufactured products into the Chinese market since late 2007.
M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.
Has announced that its Santa Clara Design Center has moved to a new design facility, which occupies 11,600 sq. ft., and is focused on the design and development of monolithic-pseudomorphic-high-electron-mobility- transistor (pHEMT) integrated solutions. These solutions cover 6 to 50 GHz for commercial and military applications.

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