Antenna Modules Ease GPS Designs

The new M10295 and M10300 Global Positioning System (GPS) RADIONOVA RF Antenna modules developed by Antenova Ltd. are based on MStar MSB2122 Poseidon low-current-consumption single-chip GPS integrated circuits (ICs) designed with Antenova's high-performance GPS antenna technology. The M10295 and M10300 modules stem from customer demands for low-cost, low-profile modules for small form factor devices such as slim tracker devices, GPS watches, and other sports-based devices.

According to Greg McCray, Chief Executive Officer for Antenova, "Antenova's RF Antenna modules have been designed from inception to deliver a high-performing drop-in system solution that will work with a range of GPS receiver chips. This flexibility enables us to provide customers with an RF antenna module with the GPS receiver option of their choice and one that is best suited for their mobile applications." The M10295 and M10300 modules operate on a single +3.6-VDC supply with low power consumption and available low-power modes for further power savings. Both devices, which incorporate a surface-mount module and passive antenna, support stand-alone autonomous and assisted GPS (A-GPS) operation through MStar's ephemeris data network.

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