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Antenna Modeling System Checks Hearing-Aid Compatibility

By February of next year, all US wireless carriers will have to guarantee that 50 percent of their phones are hearing-aid compatible. With version 2007.4 of the Antenna Modeling Design System (AMDS), users can evaluate hearing-aid compatibility (HAC) between wireless-communication devices and hearing aids according to the IEEE American National Standard Methods of Measurement of Compatibility (ANSI C63.19-2006). AMDS imports, meshes, and simulates an entire wireless device with its surrounding real-world environment in order to analyze compliance standards like specific absorption rate (SAR) and antenna diversity. To reduce or eliminate EM design iterations, the AMDS 3D EM feature set allows designers to import computer-aided-design (CAD) data. It also optimizes device performance by simulating real-world interaction with the human body. P&A: available now with prices starting at approximately $50,000.

Agilent Technologies, Inc., 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95051; (877) 424-4536, FAX: (408) 345-8474, Internet:

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