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Amplifiers Perform Up To Standards Of WiMAX Output Devices

WiMax output devices are tested to verify the amplifier device's linearity as well as the fidelity of the signal that is being amplified. A test amplifier must boost WiMAX signals with sufficient power while maintaining original signal quality. The WiMAX signal's peak envelope power (PEP) is the main challenge. Peak power can be 18 dB above average power, requiring test amplification with a wide dynamic range. In a six-page white paper, Amplifier Research (AR) Worldwide (Souderton, PA) presents its "S" series amplifiers as a potential solution.

The application note is titled, "AR Worldwide ‘S' Series Amplifiers Produce Higher Power, Higher Fidelity Signals for Testing WiMAX Devices." It focuses on two signal-quality criteria that need to be maintained through this testing process: adjacent-channel power (ACP) and relative constellation error (RCE). Two of the company's amplifier series cover the WiMAX frequency range. Very linear amplification is available from 800 MHz to 4.2 GHz (1 to 700 W). Another series covers 4 to 10.6 GHz (1 to 20 W).

At the crux of this application note are graphics that display the results of these amplifiers' extensive testing. The amplifiers were tested with Rohde & Schwarz's WiMAX test system, which comprises the R&S Model SMU200 vector signal generator and R&S Model FSQ Signal Analyzer. The results, which are shown in the figures, verify that the signal generator produces a high-quality signal and the amplifiers reproduce those signals with impressive fidelity. With WiMAX standards still emerging, this document provides a useful example of what this technology is demanding from other devices.

AR Worldwide, 160 School House Rd., Souderton, PA 18964-9990; (215) 723-8181, Internet:

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