ADCs Conserve Power To 1 GSamples/s

ADCs Conserve Power To 1 GSamples/s

A trio of new analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) feature sampling rates to 1 GSamples/s and low-power operation in support of such designs as Universal Serial Bus (USB) oscilloscopes. The devices feature integrated cross point switches that allow switching among single-, dual-, and quad- channel modes of operation, while integrated clock dividers allow constant clock frequency to be applied even as the number of channels is switched. The data converter trio included the model HMCAD1510, with 8-b resolution at sampling rates to 500 MSamples/s, model HMCAD1511, with 8-b resolution at sampling rates to 1 GSamples/s, and model HMCAD1520, with 12-b resolution to sampling rates of 640 MSamples/s. The ADCs are housed in 7 x 7 mm plastic leadless surface-mount packages; evaluation kits are available from stock.

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