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2.4- And 5-GHz Pas Form IEEE 802.11n Building Blocks

2.4- And 5-GHz Pas Form IEEE 802.11n Building Blocks

With the growing popularity of Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11n wireless-localarea- networking (WLAN) capability is being designed into many next-generation products. To simplify this process, two new power amplifiers (PAs) promise to simplify design while reducing the system bill of materials cost by 30 percent compared to current solutions. The SE2537L is a 5-GHz PA while the SE2581L is a 2.4-GHz PA. Systems based on the SE2537L and SE2581L are capable of +20 dBm output power at 2.5 GHz and +19.5 dBm at 5 GHz. The PAs integrate a digital interface, which simplifies board design by eliminating the need for analog reference voltages. In addition, the SE2581L houses an integrated power detector with 20 dB of dynamic range. That performance makes it possible to optimize the transmission of higher data rates over longer distances. As a result, systems can support emerging IEEE 802.11n applications like video distribution, video streaming, and high-speed data. In addition, the SE2581L's power detector offers an input port for a coupled signal from the 5-GHz output line. In doing so, it provides a single detector output for both bands. This feature removes the need for an external coupler while simplifying the interface to the baseband controller by easing software calibration.

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