WiFi Solution Puts Full Matched PAs On One Die

FOR CONSUMER APPLICATIONS like wireless networking, integration and higher performance are key. A new RF frontend solution for WiFi applications, dubbed the SE2566U, provides a pair of matched 2.4-GHz power amplifiers (PAs) on a single die to facilitate multiple- input multiple-output (MIMO) applications. Each amplifier delivers +19 dBm output power at 3-percent error vector magnitude (EVM) in 54-Mb/s IEEE 802.11g wireless-localarea- network (WLAN) systems and +21 dBm in IEEE 802.11b WLAN systems with adjacent-channel-powerratio (ACPR) performance of 30 dBc or better. The SE2566U includes an integrated receive path between the two transmit paths to provide maximum layout flexibility for 2-transmit by 2-receive (2x2) or 2x3 MIMO architectures. In addition, integrated filters ensure that the harmonic contribution of the PA is reduced to 50 dBm/ MHz. The SE2566U features an integrated load-insensitive transmit power detector offering 20 dB of dynamic range. A reference voltage generator allows 1.8-V CMOS digital-enable control directly from the baseband. It also eliminates the need for analog bias controls while drawing less than 1 A. P&A: $0.60 in volumes of 10,000; available now.

SiGe Semiconductor, 200 Brickstone Square, Suite 203, Andover, MA 01810; (978) 327-6850, FAX: (978) 475-0859, Internet: www.sige.com.

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