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Wideband Power Dividers Offer 18 dB Isolation

With growth forecasted in the wireless-broadband market and WiMAX in particular, many firms are targeting this area for product development. An example is a series of WiMAX power dividers covering 0.8 to 6.0 GHz. The wideband power dividers feature 18 dB of isolation and SMA connectors on all ports. These Wilkinson designs use single or multistage layouts including two-way, four-way, and six-way configurations. Wilkinson power dividers are used in applications that require the RF signal's distribution, such as antenna sharing, test and verification laboratory environments, and in-building installations. P&A: stock.

Trilithic, Inc., 9710 Park Davis Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46235; (317) 895-3600, FAX: (317) 895-3613, Internet:

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