Voltage Variable Attenuator Reaches 3 GHz

Model RVA-3000+ is a broadband voltage-variable attenuator that operates from 20 to 3000 MHz, and can be used as high as 4000 MHz. It provides typical maximum attenuation of 56 dB to 500 MHz, 40 dB to 1500 MHz, and 29 dB to 3000 MHz. The insertion loss is typically 2.8 dB to 500 MHz, 3.0 dB to 1500 MHz, and 3.6 dB to 3000 MHz. The attenuator, which runs with control voltages of 0 to 17 V, achieves a typical third-order intercept point of +48 dBm to 500 MHz, +56 dBm to 1500 MHz, and +57 dBm to 3000 MHz. The typical return loss is 23 dB to 500 MHz, 26 dB to 1500 MHz, and 21 dB to 3000 MHz. With a fast rise/fall time of typically 4 microseconds, the attenuator can settle to a new attenuation setting almost instantaneously. It is supplied in a shielded case and sells for only $11.95 each in 10 to 49 quantities. For more more information, visit the Mini-Circuits website at: http://www.minicircuits.com/

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