Type-N Connector Performs Through 18 GHz

WITH A WEATHERTIGHT, waterproof, through-panel mount seal, a Type-N connector is targeting rugged RF applications like outdoor antennas and portable test equipment. This new member of the V-Bite RF edgeboard family comprises a coax connector that is engineered with a silicone ring on the inside of the panel or box. This ring creates a robust seal when the nut is tightened from the front. The sealed part boasts a very low profile (one-half the connector's diameter) as well as a small footprint. To ensure the stability and reliability of connections, it provides anti-rotation abilities. Exhibiting an impedance of 50 ohms, the sealed female Type N V-Bite is engineered for use in outdoor RF applications that require consistent performance through 18 GHz. Featuring brass/gold contacts, the connector is precision engineered of machined brass. It boasts a straight-through contact design to provide a low reflection factor with VSWR of 1.30:1. P&A: $8.40 and up each in quantities of 1000; stock to 12 weeks.

Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc., 1850 Route 46 East, Ledgewood, NJ 07852; (973) 347-4040; FAX: (973) 347-2111, Internet: www.bomarinterconnect.com.

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