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Tyco Adds RoHS Coaxial Connectors

Tyco Electronics Corp. has announced a new line of RoHS-compliant RF coaxial connectors for a variety of applications, including test and measurement equipment, industrial process and control equipment, and medical equipment. The ZDC family of connectors are based on die-cast components and thermoplastic dielectric materials. They are designed with a bayonet coupling mechanism for applications requiring rapid connectivity and threaded coupling for applications requiring secure terminations. Initial models are available in BNC interfaces and a range of cable-mounted plugs and jacks as well as bulkhead and printed-circuit-board (PCB) sockets. Connectors can be supplied for 50 and 75 ohm systems at operating frequencies from DC to 40 GHz. The ZDC connectors meet MIL-C-39012 and MIL-STD-348A requirements.

Tyco Electronics Corp. (

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