Transistor Offers 1 20 W DVB-T Output Power

MODEL BLF888A is a rugged LDMOS transistor that features generous output power with high efficiency. Rated for peak output power of 600 W, the ultra-highfrequency (UHF) RF power transistor can deliver 120 W average power with greater than 31-percent efficiency from 470 to 860 MHz when driving digital-videobroadcast transmit (DVB-T) signals. It provides high gain of 21 dB and ruggedness equivalent to operating into VSWRs greater than 40.0:1. Such performance is enabled by a 50-V LDMOS process technology in combination with advanced thermal concepts, which results in thermal resistance as low as 0.15 K/W. The transistor is available in a boltdown package (BLF888A) and an earless package (BLF888AS). The BLF888AS can be soldered to achieve a further decrease in junction temperature. Both versions are currently sampling.

NXP Semiconductors Netherlands B.V., High Tech Campus 60, 5656 AG Eindhoven, The Netherlands; Internet:

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