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Smaller, Lighter Cables Aim at 5G Measurements

Smaller, Lighter Cables Aim at 5G Measurements

Gore came to the 2018 IEEE IMS with a booth full of product solutions for 5G testing at frequencies of 6 GHz and beyond, through mmWave frequencies.

At the literal center of the 2018 IMS exhibition floor in the Pennsylvania Convention Center (Philadelphia, Pa.), W. L. Gore & Associates drew visitors to its booth (1537) with a large 5G banner proclaiming the company’s involvement in 5G wireless communications networks and solutions. The show floor in general was alive with the promise of growing markets for mmWave components and test solutions for 5G, as well as for automotive electronic systems in autonomous vehicles that will soon literally “take the hands off the wheel” for future “self-driving” automobiles. Gore was on hand with components at both microwave and mmWave frequencies to aid systems designers and those tasked with testing components and systems at these higher frequencies (see figure).

Gore’s wide range of product solutions for 5G testing at frequencies of 6 GHz and beyond, through mmWave frequencies, were on display at 2018 IMS. (Courtesy of W. L. Gore & Associates)

Along with the many new higher-frequency coaxial cables products on display at the 2018 IMS, Gore showed its new GORE PHASEFLEX Microwave/RF Test Assemblies. These Type 0N cable assemblies are being touted as the smallest, lightest, and most rugged test cable assemblies on the market and well-suited for applications in modular, multi-port, and multi-site test systems.

Chris Cox, Gore product specialist, noted, “Test assemblies for 5G applications are important. The need for smaller and lighter assemblies will be crucial, as well as their durability and flexibility. Knowing you can trust them will be even more significant for 5G.”  Gore also will feature its GORE-FLIGHT Microwave Assemblies, 6 Series, for defense and aerospace applications. The rugged and lightweight cable assemblies are designed to maintain low insertion loss before and after installation, even with rough handling in severe operating environments.

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