PA Delivers 20 W To 2.4 GHz

CATV OPERATORS are looking to enhance their network performance and provide bandwidth for growing broadcast and narrowcast services, such as HDTV and emerging 3D HDTV. A series of 1.2-GHz broadband transmission productsthe RFPD2580, RFPP2590, and RFOS601x amplifiers helps them make this transition. The RFPD2580 is a power doubler amplifier that uses gallium-nitride (GaN) technology to achieve 22.5 dB gain at 1.2 GHz. It covers 45 to 1200 MHz while featuring at least 22.5 dB gain at 1200 MHz. The RFPD2580 consumes 450 mA at +24 VDC. Its sibling, the RFPP2590, is a hybrid pushpull amplifier module that consumes just 240 mA from a +24-VDC supply. The RFPP2590 is a companion part to the RFPD2580. The two products combine to optimize performance in the CATV line-extender amplifiers deployed in CATV distribution networks. The RFPP2590 also spans 45 to 1200 MHz with a minimum of 23.0 dB gain at 1200 MHz. It consumes 240 mA at +24 VDC. The RFPP2590 offers 0.8-dB gain flatness and very low distortion with composite-triple-beat (CTB) performance of -60 dBc and composite-second-order (CSO) performance of -65 dBc maximum. The third member of this family, the RFOS601x, is an optical receiver module designed for use in hybrid-fiber-coax (HFC) optical nodes. It covers 45 to 1200 MHz and typically provides 32 dB A/W O/E at 1200 MHz. At 1200 MHz EINC, the RFOS601x offers as much as 6.3 pA/ sqr(Hz). It is available with FC/APC (RFOS6012) or SC/APC (RFOS6013) optical connectors. The RFPD2580, RFPP2590, and RFOS601x all come in industry-standard SOT115J packages.

RF Micro Devices, Inc., 7628 Thorndike Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409; (336) 664-1233, Internet:

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