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MM-Wave Cables Make the Links for 5G Systems

Coaxial cable suppliers respond the microwave/RF industry's move to more millimeter-wave applications.

The RF/microwave industry’s move to more millimeter-wave applications was evident among coaxial cable suppliers with their cable assemblies for both system and test applications. W. L. Gore & Associates (booth No. 1740) showed many varieties of its PHASEFLEX cable assemblies, including high-performance assemblies for applications through 110 GHz. These low-loss cable provide phase stability even with flexure and are well suited for general-purpose millimeter-wave testing as well as more specialized measurements with VNAs. The firm also showed its high-data-rate aircraft cables for system installations. Gore will also provide demonstrations of its Cable Installation Simulator at their IMS booth, with the software designed to show the effects of stress on installing coaxial cables into different applications. 

For those in quest of millimeter-wave interconnections, a large number of supplies offered coaxial cable assemblies with frequency ranges to 70 GHz and beyond.


Huber + Suhner was among the many coaxial cable suppliers at the 2017 IMS exhibition with millimeter-wave-ready cables, including their SUCOFLEX 500S flexible cable assemblies. The firm also launched a new connector interface at the show, the NEX10, with outstanding passive-intermodulation (PIM) performance. “We want to show IMS 2017 visitors that Huber + Suhner is an end-to-end supplier, providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ portfolio for all RF and microwave needs,” said Stéphanie Jarno, Market Manager Test+Measurement, Huber + Suhner. In addition, Flexco Microwave (booth No. 641) showed samples of its flexible cables for commercial wireless and defense applications from DC to 50 GHz, including for high-power radar systems, and Pasternack will be at booth No. 514 to show its 60-GHz cable assemblies and explain how its CABLE CREATOR online software tool can be used to create and order custom cable assemblies that can be received the next day.


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