Mini-Circuits Offers High-Reliability Mixers

Mini-Circuits has developed the ADE and TUP families of high-reliability mixers based on hermetically sealed ceramic-encased diode quads. The mixers, which are available for RF and LO frequencies from 150 kHz to 4 GHz, can be specified for LO power levels from +3 to +13 dBm. As an example, model ADE-R35LH+ is a Level 10 (+10 dBm LO power) mixer that works at RF and LO frequencies from 1800 to 3500 MHz and provides intermediate-frequency (IF) signals from DC to 1000 MHz. The conversion loss is typically 6.8 dB while the isolation between LO and RF ports is typically 25 dB. The rugged mixer, which features a third-order intercept point of typically +14 dBm at midband, is supplied in a low-profile package.

Mini-Circuits (

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