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MANET Radio Antennas Install in Minutes

A line of antennas with integrated S- and C-band radios install in a mere matter of minutes to create almost instant wireless links.

Military and civilian users of Wave Relay mobile ad hoc network (MANET) radios now have an easy-to-install companion antenna system from Persistent Systems LLC—the Integrated Antenna Series. Available in S- and C-band sector antennas as well as C-band directional antennas, these reliable antenna systems (see figure) install quickly (within minutes in most locations) using just basic tools. The directional antenna links communication towers to form wireless backbone networks. The sector antennas provide the long range and high throughput rates needed for large coverage areas. Data routing is handled by the Wave Relay MANET radio integrated into each antenna.


These S- and C-band antennas integrate radios and install quickly, thus creating radio links in minutes. (Courtesy of Persistent Systems)

“These tower antennas can support a variety of MPU5 MANET radio users, such as military convoys, wildland firefighters, test range personnel, law enforcement, port security—and especially border security,” says Nick Naioti, vice president of Business Development at Persistent Systems LLC. “Applications like border security require users to operate across thousands of square miles and remain continuously connected to each other and the enterprise. That means continuous access to live camera feeds and sensor data to positively impact the mission.”

Designed for installation in just a few minutes, the new Integrated Antenna Series has only one Ethernet cable that provides both power and data connectivity. In addition, the MANET radio is housed in an IP66-rated enclosure on the back of the antenna.

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