LDMOS Transistors Target Sub-1-GHz Cellular Applications

BY LEVERAGING A LATERALLY diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) process technology, a line of power transistors has been designed to lower power consumption in cellular transmitters. The eighthgeneration high-voltage (HV8) RF Power LDMOS devices are optimized for operation in advanced power-amplifier (PA) architectures. For example, a symmetrical Doherty reference design using two MRF8S9260H/HS transistors designed for multicarrier GSM applications was shown to deliver +58.0 dBm (630 W) peak power, 16.3 dB gain, and a drain efficiency of 42.5 percent at an average output power level of +49.4 dBm (87 W). Digital-predistortion evaluations have shown this reference design to correct very well with six GSM carriers in signal bandwidths to 20 MHz. Initial product offerings will encompass power levels ranging from 100 to 300 W. The HV8 products are designed to cover the major frequency bands ranging from 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz.

Freescale Semiconductor, P.O. Box 17927, Denver, CO 80217; Internet: www.freescale.com.

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