K & L Unleashes Pager Interference Filter

K&L Microwave has released its new model WSN-00256 notch filter. With a bandstop frequency centered near the 941-MHz pager band, the filter screens signal interference caused by colocation of paging and cellular systems in buildings and businesses. The filter provides minimum rejection of 45 dB from 940 to 943 MHz. According to Rafi Hershtig, vice president of advanced engineering and R and D for K&L Microwave, "High-power, co-location paging systems operating near or around 941 MHz can easily interfere with each other. The new 941 MHz Notch Filter minimizes this interference, enabling, for example, a clear channel through which healthcare providers can be contacted and called to duty." For more on this new notch filter, visit the company's website at www.klmicrowave.com.

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