Fujitsu Offers PLL At Wireless Show

Fujitsu Microelectronics America (Sunnyvale, CA) introduced three single-serial-input phase-locked-loop (PLL) frequency synthesizers at the recent Wireless Systems Design Conference & Expo (San Jose, CA). Designed for wireless applications, the PLLs feature low phase noise and extremely low power consumption. The new lineup includes models MB15E05SR, MB15E06SR, and MB15E07SR, with frequency ranges to 2.0, 3.0, and 2.5 GHz, respectively. The PLLs feature a separate charge pump power supply pin and the ability to go as high as +5.5 VDC, making them ideal for a broad range of wireless applications. For example, model MB15E07SR has a 2.5-GHz prescaler and a voltage supply range of +2.7 to +5.5 VDC, drawing just 7.2 mA current at +3.75 VDC. Designed for GSM and PCS base stations, the PLL incorporates a selectable charge pump that delivers a well-balanced output current between null1 and null4 mA. For more on the PLLs, visit the company's web site at . For a complete wrap-up of the 2004 Wireless Systems Design Conference & Expo, see the April issue of Microwaves & RF magazine.

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