Faraday Isolators Cover 18 to 220 GHz

Faraday Isolators Cover 18 to 220 GHz

A line of Faraday isolators developed by SAGE Millimeter works over the total frequency range of 18 to 220 GHz.

The STF series Faraday isolators cover the frequency range of 18 to 220 GHz in 11 waveguide bands with 22 standard models. They are constructed with a longitudinal magnetized ferrite rod to provide Faraday rotation and high isolation, about 28 to 30 dB. The Faraday isolators often offer wider frequency coverage than standard waveguide bands, with low insertion phase variations across each entire waveguide band. They are well-suited for broadband applications, such as in research and test laboratories. In addition to standard models, alternative models are available with built-in twist for flexibility where orthogonal input/output orientations are required.

SAGE Millimeter Inc., 3043 Kashiwa St., Torrance, CA 90505; (424) 757-0168, FAX: (424) 757-0188.

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