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ESA Chooses Peregrine for PLLs

The European Space Agency (ESA) has selected Peregrine Semiconductor's European operation, Peregrine Semiconductor Europe, to develop a radio-frequency integrated-circuit (RFIC) phase-locked loop (PLL) for use in various ESA applications. The procurement was made under the European Component Initiative (ECI), which is an action plan meant to develop and qualify components built in Europe that are intended for ESA space applications, using European technology. According to Ron Reedy, Peregrine's Chief Technical Officer (CTO), "Out mutual committment to develop the ultra-high-performance rad-hard RFICs for consumption in Europe's space programs begins with an ultra-low-phase-noise, low-power PLL frequency synthesizer designed to enable superior RF performance in European satellite payload applications." The company's UltraCMOS mixed-signal silicon-on-sapphire process produces components that are inherently radiation hardened, making them suitable for the rigors of deep-space applications. For more information on Peregrine and its PLLs, visit the company's website at:

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