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Double-Layer Capacitor Sports Ultra-Low ESR

The BestCap capacitor series now includes ultra-low ESR, double-layer devices with an expanded temperature range from -40 to 75C. Well suited for wireless applications, the capacitor series features high capacitance values and power pulse characteristics for high-current, short-pulse applications including GSM /GPRS wireless based systems, USB modems, automatic meter reading systems, hand-held scanners, and memory back-up systems.

The BestCap double-layer capacitors are available in three different standard sizes with voltage ratings from 3 V to 15 V and a capacitance range from 6.8 mF to 1 F. The three standard sizes for the BestCap capacitor include BZ05 (20 15 mm), BZ01 (28 17 mm) and BZ02 (48 30 mm). The BZ05 size offers the most aggressive capacitance value offering of 68 mF at 5.5 V and 6.8 mF at 15 V. The BZ02 has the largest capacitance value with 1 F at 5.5 V and 68 mF at 15V.

Typical pricing for the double layer capacitors starts at $2.90 each with delivery from stock to 10 weeks.

AVX Corp.

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