Dorado Delivers Dual-Junction Circulator

Dorado International has announced the availability of a new X-band dual-junction ciculator for phased-array radar systems. Model 4CMD 10-1X is designed for the front-end section of X-band phased arrays and features a 10-percent bandwidth in the 8.5-to-10.5-GHz frequency range. Insertion loss from the antenna to the receiver is 0.9 dB, with isolation of at least 33 dB. The isolation between the transmitter and the antenna is 20 dB while the insertion loss is only 0.5 dB. The isolation between the receiver and transmitter is 20 dB, with maximum VSWRof 1.25:1 at all ports. The circulator is designed to handle 10 W CW power and operate at temperaatures from -45 to +65 degrees Celcius. For more information on the X-band circulator, visit the Dorado website at:

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