RIT39s radomes protect microwave antennas without disrupting their signal

RIT's radomes protect microwave antennas without disrupting their signal.

CPI Acquires Radant Technologies

In an effort to integrate components used by the same market for the same platforms, Communications & Power Industries (CPI) recently acquired Radant Technologies, Inc. (RIT). With this acquisition, CPI has added a variety of specialized electronic-warfare (EW) products to its microwave and RF product portfolio. RTI designs, manufactures, and tests reflector antennas and structures for defense and commercial aerospace and naval applications. It also produces radomes —weatherproof structures that enclose and protect microwave antennas without interfering with the transmission of electromagnetic signals.

Both RIT’s and CPI’s products are customized for each system and application based on the operational frequency, RF performance, and structural and environmental requirements of the end system. RTI’s products cover frequencies to 96 GHz and range to 15 feet in size for a single product. They are commonly used in airborne wideband-communications systems for military and commercial applications.

This acquisition nicely complements CPI’s portfolio, which includes microwave power sources, high-power amplifiers, and advanced antennas that support an array of communications applications. With this move, the firm is expected to begin offering more integrated solutions for defense and communications systems.

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