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Compact Stackable Video Switch Fits Defense, Aerospace Systems

The RVG switchA nonblocking crosspoint switch routes as many as 12 video input signals and eight data inputs to desired output ports.


Video switching is vital to aerospace and defense systems, but not always available in a compact form factor. Fortunately, the Rugged Video Gateway (RVG) family of video crosspoint switches from Curtiss-Wright Corp. offers lightweight and compact solutions. Switches such as the model RVG-SA1 12 × 12 analog video crosspoint switch supports up to 4 RGBHV external video ports and 4 EDID computer display ports. The stackable, nonblocking crosspoint switch can be managed over RS-422 and CAN interfaces. It provides a compact solution for video switching requirements on smaller and more space-constrained airborne and ground vehicles.

The switch enables effective use of video and data generated by on-platform cameras and displays without requiring additional space and weight. Its analog crossbar functionality makes it possible to route any of 12 analog video inputs to any of 12 outputs. In addition, any of eight digital inputs can be switched to any of eight digital output ports in support of HSYNC and VSYNC connectivity.

“While many air and ground vehicles are getting smaller, their video switching requirements are only increasing,” said Lynn Bamford, senior vice president and general manager for Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division. “The challenge for system integrators is how to best optimize the video data from the proliferating number of deployed cameras and displays without adding space and weight to the platform.” The RVG-SA1 crossbar video switch is small, light, and flexible enough to serve a wide range of systems while meeting the latest size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements.

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