Atmel Launches SiGe Power Amplifiers

Atmel Corp. (San Jose, CA) announced a line of power amplifiers based on silicon germanium (SiGe) at the recent Wireless Systems Design Conference & Expo (San Diego, CA). Although long associated with small-signal devices, Atmel is among several companies working on power products based on SiGe. The new multipurpose power amplifiers (PAs), models TO905 and ATR0906 are fabricated with the company's own SiGe process and designed for operating frequencies of 135 to 600 MHz and 500 to 1000 MHz, respectively. As much as 32 dB power gain can be set dynamically, with as much as +35 dBm output power in CW mode and efficiency as high as 55 percent. For more on the SiGe power amplifiers, visit the company's web site at For a complete wrap-up of the 2004 Wireless Systems Design Conference & Expo, see the April issue of Microwaves & RF magazine.

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