Applying Microwaves

Joseph F. White is well known in the microwave industry as an instructor and lecturer. After having received a Ph. D. in electrophysics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY), Dr. White spent 25 years in semiconductor and component engineering at M/A-COM (Burlington, MA) where he earned several patents for microwave design and engineering. He has also received the IEEE's Microwave Theory & Techniques (MTT) Society's annual application award for "Contributions to Phased Array Antennas."

Upon leaving M/A-COM, Dr. White edited the Microwave Journal magazine and then founded his own publication, Applied Microwave magazine (later to be renamed Applied Microwave & Wireless magazine). In addition to writing the recently published High Frequency Techniques for John Wiley & Sons (Hoboken, NJ, 2004), Dr. White, who is a lifetime fellow of the IEEE, also authored Microwave Semiconductor Engineering, a textbook in its third printing since 1977, and now published by Noble Publications (Norcross, GA). This article series is excerpted from his new book as well as the one-week technical course that he teaches, entitled "Wireless Engineering."

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