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Standard gain horns

Antenna Enthusiasts Receive Strong Reception at 2017 IMS

Antennas are key components for many commercial and military systems, with a number of latest advances on display at the 2017 IMS exhibition.

Antennas are those often-overlooked components in most RF/microwave systems, whether for commercial communications or military radar and EW systems. Those in search of antennas will find a wide range on display at the 2017 IMS exhibition, from the traditional to the exotic, with many moving well into the millimeter-wave frequency range.

One of the most innovative antenna developers, Anokiwave at booth No. 1558, will show examples of its novel active antenna ICs, including the AWMF-0123/5 ICs for use in 5G wireless network applications from 37.1 to 40.0 GHz. Designed for electronic beamsteering at those frequencies, these active antenna ICs feature 5-b gain control and 5-b phase control with high efficiency and low-latency control. David Corman, Anokiwave Chief Systems Architect, notes, “The release of this IC family enables companies to start their development now for initial 5G network deployments in 2018 and 2019.”

Standard gain horns will be among the directional antennas on display at Pasternack IMS booth No. 514.

Among the more traditional antenna types, Pasternack (booth No. 514) will show both directional and omnidirectional antennas for applications through millimeter-wave frequencies, including standard gain-horn antennas with waveguide and coaxial feeds (see figure). Amplifier Research, at booth No. 1014, will exhibit antennas for electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) testing. And for those who prefer to design their own printed-circuit-board (PCB) antennas, such as microstrip patch antennas, Rogers Corp. will have its extensive array of PCB materials on hand at booth No. 1548, including RO4838 laminates tailored for 77-GHz automotive radar antennas.

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