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Amplifier Powers 20 W from 70 to 500 MHz

Amplifier Powers 20 W from 70 to 500 MHz

A broadband coaxial power amplifier is capable of 20 W output power from 70 to 500 MHz.

Mini-Circuits’ ZHL-20W-52-S is a coaxial high-power amplifier capable of 20 W output power from 70 to 500 MHz. As well-suited for amateur radios as for military communications systems, it maintains typical gain of 50 dB with gain flatness within ±0.7 dB across the full frequency range. Based on silicon LDMOS power transistors, the rugged 50-Ω Class A amplifier is unconditionally stable with any kind of signal modulation, using patented technology (U. S. patent 7,348,854) to maintain constant current consumption (4 A at 24 V dc), and incorporating multiple protection circuits, including overvoltage and over-temperature protection (which shuts off the unit when the baseplate temperature exceeds +100°C). It’s also reverse-polarity protected and will not suffer damage with an open- or short-circuit output load under full CW output power operation.


The amplifier has a typical noise figure of 7 dB and measures just 9.85 × 7.3 × 6.3 in. (250.19 × 185.42 × 160.02 mm) with SMA input and output connectors. It's  designed for an operating temperature range of 0 to +65°C when used with the company’s heatsink and fan.

Mini-Circuits, P. O. Box 350166, Brooklyn, NY11235-0003; (718) 934-4500.

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