Scientists Invent Elusive Gallium Nitride Transistors
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Image courtesy of Maurizio Pesce Creative Commons
Qualcomm39s booth at the 2016 CES show Image courtesy of Maurizio Pesce and edited from the original by Microwaves and RF
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6inch GaN wafers have more than twice the usable surface area than 4inch wafers resulting in a larger yield of MMICs from each platform Image courtesy of ThinkStock
The AlcatelLucent booth at Mobile World Congress in 2015 Image courtesy of AlcatelLucent Flickr
A major concern for the research group is designing an air interface that can support devices ranging from lowend sensors to highend tablets Image courtesy of Eric Harmatz Flickr
Forwardmode ANTPY2 ballistic missile defense radars provide tracking information on missiles in the boost phase shortly after launch Image courtesy of Raytheon
Image courtesy of NASA Johnson Creative Commons