ADC Saves 16 b At 250 MSamples/s

Built for intelligence and surveillance, the model AD9467 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) from Analog Devices provides 16-b resolution at a sampling rate of 250 MSamples/s. It achieves a spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of as high as 100 dB full scale and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 76.4 dB full scale. The converter can process analog input signals to 300 MHz with low 60-fs root-mean-square (RMS) jitter. According to Brian Kimball, Principal Hardware Engineer at Mercury Computer Systems, "We needed a 16-b, 250 MSamples/s data converter with 90 dB SFDR for one of our key customer's highly advanced, data acquisition systems. The AD9467 was designed into this system because it met our customer's SFDR, ENOB, and power requirements."

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