USAF Next-Gen Radar Platforms Focus of New Project

USAF Next-Gen Radar Platforms Focus of New Project

Defining the open architectures for future generations of onboard US Air Force platforms is the impetus behind a contract given to GE’s Intelligent Platforms to develop new support technologies. The six-month research program will involve the optimization of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and ground-moving-target-indicator (GMTI) radar modes on multiprocessor high-performance embedded-computing (HPEC) systems.

GE’s HPEC Center of Excellence (CoE) will focus on the demand for high-technology readiness level (TRL) commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions that support rapid deployment. The study will also include the development of a lab-passed processor system for rugged deployment on USAF platforms. This will embrace the open system architecture (OSA) approach currently used in standard hardware and software.

Watch a video on GE Intelligent's military platforms below, curated by Engineering TV:

The GE Center also supports the development of custom systems for specific customer needs. Consulting services are available to help with architecture definition, application development, and performance optimization. Application-focused algorithms can even be created for use in performance and capability demonstrations.

GE has a wide range of HPEC solutions designed for harsh military environments, including board-level solutions, complete subsystems, and an expanding software-development environment based on GE’s AXIS—Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software.

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