Via Technology Packages Power Modules

Via Technology Packages Power Modules

Packaging can be challenging for both RF and direct-current (DC) power circuits. For circuits ranging from chip-scale devices to power modules, however, a new packaging option is now available from Remtec. The company has merged the thermally and electrically conductive Power Transfer Vias (PTVs) with its core Plated Copper on Thick Film (PCTF) metallization technology. In doing so, Remtec has achieved a miniaturized, high-performance, and cost-effective packaging solution for high-power gallium-nitride (GaN), gallium-arsenide (GaAs), silicon (Si), and silicon-carbide (SiC) devices (see figure)

When combined with other PCTF features, PTV vias can be used in applications requiring smaller, lower-cost packages, higher switching speeds, efficient heat removal, and higher power and integration levels.

This universal packaging solution boasts high-current-carrying capacity in excess of 50 A, low lead inductance, and thermal resistance below 1°C/W. In addition, it provides a low-loss RF signal transition at a broad frequency range (to millimeter-wave frequencies) and an improved match of thermal coefficient of expansion (TCE) with printed-circuit boards (PCBs) and heatsinks. The PCTF substrates and packages with PTVs are fully compatible with all common assembly methods, such as surface-mount-technology (SMT) reflow solder; gold tin brazing and eutectic die attach; gold and aluminum wire and ribbon bonding; ball-grid arrays; and flip-chip technology.

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