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Qi-Based Kit Converts Any Smartphone for Wireless Charging

Qi-Based Kit Converts Any Smartphone for Wireless Charging

While complete wireless charging of devices will certainly become the norm, the technology isn’t yet available for all smartphones and gadgets. A new Kickstarter campaign aims to simplify the process with a wireless-charging conversion kit. Based on Qi technology, the NeverDed Cordless Charging Conversion Cystem (C4) includes a home dock, car charger, and portable charger, and is compatible with almost every device.

Qi technology, which is backed by the Wireless Power Consortium, uses electromagnetic induction technology to charge devices. The C4 kit comes with a wireless receiver adapter connected to the device, specified to the phone’s make and model (Micro USB for Android, Lightning for Apple, etc.) All pieces in the kit operate in the 110- to 205-kHz range.

As the NeverDed team says, “Mobile phones were made to be mobile, not tethered. Free your phone, and help us rid the world of charging cords forever.” For more information and to back the project, check out Kickstarter.

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