Image courtesy of Marki Microwave
<p>Image courtesy of Marki Microwave.</p>

LO Driver Amp Boosts 1 to 26.5 GHz

Suitable for working with a variety of diode-based mixers, model ADM-0126MSM is a broadband local-oscillator (LO) driver amplifier that delivers +17-dBm power from 1.0 to 26.5 GHz. In saturated mode, it can also be used as a square-wave LO amplifier as needed. It reaches its rated output-power levels with +8 to +12 dBm input power and offers 11-dB typical small-signal gain with typical 4-dB noise figure. The typical return loss is 10 dB. Typical third-order intercept point is +25 dBm. It can be biased with a positive +5 to +8 VDC at 120 mA or operated with an optional -0.2-VDC bias to reduce the current consumption to 85 mA. The LO driver amplifier is supplied in a 4-mm QFN package. A module test board is available for the amplifier, complete with connectors for ease of testing.

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