The stunt and chase helicopters with a ball turret containing a camera Array Wireless linear amplifier and wireless communications system
<p> The stunt and chase helicopters with a ball turret containing a camera, Array Wireless linear amplifier, and wireless communications system.</p>

GaN Technology Plays a Role in Latest Action Movie

In the upcoming action blockbuster, “Escape Plan”--starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger--gallium-nitride (GaN) RF technology plays a key behind-the-scenes part. The aerial stunt sequences featured in the film were captured using a low-latency high-definition (HD) camera and transmitter together with Array Wireless’ S-Band linear power amplifier (PA). That PA utilizes Cree’s GaN high-electron-mobility-transistor (HEMT) semiconductors.

The system was mounted in the nose-ball turret of a filming helicopter to get the necessary shots. The technology provided the director with low-distortion, low-latency, high-definition video while allowing for real-time viewing and editing.  The director also was able to stage capabilities from more remote distances than were previously possible. Compared to products using gallium-arsenide (GaAs) or silicon (Si) technology, Cree’s GaN HEMTs promise to enable a broader transmission range and improve reliability. For its part, Array Wireless’ linearization technology minimizes distortion while providing better signal quality for complex multi-carrier modulations. It also minimizes DC power consumption, heat, and weight.

Together, the Cree and Array technology results in greater link range without distortion when operating in multipath environments, such as canyons and cities. This combination also enables smaller, more efficient product packages, which are well suited for the wireless HD-camera-system mounts used during the filming process. Examples include rigs that are fitted to motor and airborne vehicles and head-mounted and handheld devices.

“Escape Plan” will hit theaters on October 18th. To watch the trailer, which includes one of the previously mentioned aerial action sequences, visit

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